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LoveToKnow Corporation is an online company currently taking the media world by storm. Privately held LoveToKnow’s web sites serve approximately 10 million page views per month and continue to attract increasing numbers of visitors with useful and unique content. The family of sites in LoveToKnow Corporation include,, and

LoveToKnow Corporation is a truly novel company that draws its staff from exceptionally talented English speakers around the globe. LoveToKnow has no corporate offices—instead, employees communicate electronically. The company uses innovative technology and workflow solutions to replace physical offices and face-to-face meetings. Spread across the globe, LoveToKnow’s contributors keep in touch, collaborate and work as a team to get the job done. Not only do they share workplace goals, many have become long distance friends, sharing with each other even after the work is done.

LoveToKnow’s founder, Howard Love, raised in the American Midwest, has spent over twenty-five years as a successful entrepreneur. He has started more than 15 companies in various markets including financial software, software development tools, hedge fund, online travel, e-mail marketing, online media, online reference, as well as charitable organizations. When he isn’t fly fishing or skiing, Howard is committed to providing excellent working conditions to his staff and exemplary content to the users of his web sites. Howard recently authored a book on startups called The Startup J Curve: Six Steps to Startup Success.

LoveToKnow is a mega website that contains content frequently requested through search engines. Love and his team of over 50 writers and editors provide information on a wide variety of subjects through over 60 topically organized channels under the umbrella. Unlike many content sites, features articles by bona fide subject matter experts. For example, a Cordon Bleu trained chef answers cooking questions, physicians and nurses address medical subjects, teachers write about educational issues, and dog trainers answer questions about canines. This fast growing site provides not only the information people "love to know," but also what they need to know.


LoveToKnow's is a dictionary reference site with an embedded free online dictionary and thesaurus look-up at its core. In addition, the site is a portal to thousands of foreign language, industry-specific and other specialty dictionaries, glossaries and encyclopedias. YourDictionary also provides links to style guides and many other resources for writers, students, researchers and other professionals.

FlexJobs is a web site that was a logical offshoot based on the operation of Love’s other sites. The purpose of FlexJobs is to connect skilled workers who want to telecommute with employers who hire home-based employees. Recognizing that companies search for talent all over the world, FlexJobs provides a means of communication that surmounts national and cultural boundaries to match programmers, graphic artists, and other technology professionals with jobs around the world. Visitors can post job listings, or search the postings for offers of work-from-home employment—all for free.


The latest of LoveToKnow’s offerings is a new site, called PublicBookShelf, which provides a medium for publication of electronic books and other documents online. PublicBookShelf is currently in development and will launch soon.

LoveToKnow’s flexible job structure allows computer programmers, graphic designers, and other technical professionals to work from home with flexible scheduling. As long as deadlines are met, employees are free to choose working hours best for their schedules and their lives. As telecommuters, employees don’t suffer long, expensive commutes. The flexible schedule appeals to stay-at-home moms and dads, to workers who are geographically remote from technology opportunities, to people with needs that require them to work from home, and to those who simply don’t thrive in a corporate environment or who are not comfortable maintaining a regular “eight-to-five” work schedule.

Working for LoveToKnow gives employees maximum freedom within a team environment. Because they can easily communicate with each other, employees have the benefit of professional colleagues and team-based collaboration. Employees are evaluated on their accomplishments, contributions to company goals, and reliability and not on when they arrive at work or on how long they sit at their desks each day.

For an unparalleled and exciting career opportunity, apply to join LoveToKnow's worldwide development team. Working with LoveToKnow, you’ll have the opportunity to use your knowledge and skills to solve exciting problems and to contribute to the growing success of this premier innovative online media company!