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LoveToKnow the #2 destination for women online! We specialize in providing our audience with intelligent and quality editorial content on every subject. Our editorial rich site is the perfect place to advertise: content rich advertising is the best positioning to create brand awareness and call-to-action. At LoveToKnow, you can research and learn about any subject within our 90+ channels with leading edge articles written by over 40 world class editors.

Advertise to one of the highest shopping index sites as reported on comScore!!! The average index for “retail” worthiness is 100, however at LoveToKnow we are two and a half times the average at an index of 255, with high interest in verticals such as weddings, babies, electronics and more!

Our more than 90 topical channels allow us to target specifics. Some examples:

  • Business & Finance - Credit Cards LoveToKnow Business & Finance - Credit Cards

    “Since 2005 we have seen companies and government agencies suffer huge security breaches that expose consumer’s social security, debit and credit account numbers—Veterans Affairs Administration, Fidelity Investments, the Boston Globe, and most recently TJX Company are examples of breached entities.”

  • Entertainment & Hobbies - Movies LoveToKnow Entertainment & Hobbies - Movies

    “When you download free movies online, make sure that you are downloading from a legal source. In general, most movies available for free are part of the public domain. That means that the copyright has expired or that a copyright never existed.“

  • Family & Lifestyle - Cats LoveToKnow Family & Lifestyle - Cats

    “Could something in your cat's food be making him sick? It's possible. Food allergies often surface as skin problems that cause a feline to scratch, lick and chew themselves raw. We spoke with Dr. Randy Aronson, DVM about how to identify food allergies in cats.”

  • Health & Beauty - Diet LoveToKnow Health & Beauty - Diet

    “Much as the name implies, fasting for weight loss is a means of severely reducing calorie consumption in order to lose weight. There are many different varieties of weight-loss fasts…"

  • Home, Garden & Events - Weddings LoveToKnow Home, Garden & Events - Weddings

    “Have you ever wondered why the Happy Couple invites special friends and family members to participate in their wedding? This tradition dates back to ancient Roman times. Several women were asked to dress similar to the bride in order to confuse any evil spirits that may attempt to kidnap the bride."

  • Internet & Technology - Social Networking LoveToKnow Home, Garden & Events - Weddings

    “At LoveToKnow Social Networking, we help you navigate the world of social media. Whether you are using LinkedIn for professional networking or just need tips for keeping your information private on Facebook, we have the advice you need."

  • Style & Shopping - Hair LoveToKnow Style & Shopping - Hair

    "Women's plus size white wide leg pants are a classic style. Plus size retailers present them every year as part of their spring collections. The styles may range from straight legs to flared legs. The fabrics may include any of the traditional warm-weather fabrics such as gauze, cotton, linen, rayon or polyester."

  • Travel & Vacations - Cruises LoveToKnow Travel & Vacations - Cruises

    “The key to choosing a short cruise is to find one that works with both your schedule and your budget. Depending on which port you leave from, you may still need to take an extra day off.”

Plus there are many more categories perfect for content rich targeting.

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