Feng Shui Your Way to Better Grades in School

proper desk arrangement

Feng shui can assist you or your children raise classroom grades if you utilize several known cures and enhancements. These suggestions are easy to implement and will help scholastic efforts produce better grades.

Feng Shui Rules for Education Luck

The northeast (NE) sector governs education luck. This means you'll want to pay closer attention to this sector in your home.

Study Area at Home

When setting up your study area in your home, it's best to first focus on general feng shui rules for study areas. Some of these include:

  • Locate your study area in the NE sector of your home or the NE corner of a room.
  • Most school kids study in their bedrooms; however, the bedroom is not the ideal location for study or work-related activities. The bedroom should be a room for resting and relaxing.
  • Keep the area clean and free of all clutter, especially papers, stacks of books and magazines. Return these to proper storage places.

Desk Placement for Better Grades

You cannot ignore the general feng shui rules for desk placement and expect better grades. While most feng shui discussions about desk placement relate to the work environment, school kids and college students are still suspectible to the same effects of bad desk placement.

Even though most people will choose to place their desk up against a wall, this placement leaves them vulnerable.

Student at desk

Never sit with your back to a door or window. You won't have the support you need and you won't see things coming up unexpectedly. You can be easily blindsided with problems and issues and even vulnerable to backstabbing.

  • Always sit with a solid wall behind you for support of your studies and education.
  • A desk with a solid front and sides is more substantial and commanding while protecting you from negative chi energy.
  • Don't sit facing or with open shelving behind you. Books on open shelves create poison arrows. A bookcase should have glass doors for correct feng shui use.

Northeast Element and Remedies

The northeast sector is governed by the earth element. You can activate this element in your study area and also use other feng shui symbols to reinforce the proper chi energy for education luck.

  • An excellent remedy for poor grades is to add a bright light in your study area. The light will attract the chi energy to further activate your education luck.
Boy studying at his desk
  • If the room you're using is in the northeast sector of your home, place crystal point on or near your desk.
  • If you aren't using the NE sector of your home, then place the crystal point on the northeast corner of the room or on the NE corner of your desk.
  • You can add a few other crystals to the NE sector of your home, even if you aren't using it for a study area. The crystals will still activate education luck.
  • Set a crystal globe in the NE sector of your study area or on the NE corner of your desk.
  • Set a seven-tiered pagoda in the NE sector of your home, study area or desk for another excellent scholastic luck enhancer.
  • The Chi Lin with four scholastic objects is an academic activator. Use wherever the flying star #4 is located (a flying star analysis is required). You can still use this symbol in the NE sector or on your study desk NE corner to activate academic achievement and recognition.
  • Place a dragon gate with double carp on your desk. This feng shui symbol depicts a pair of carp jumping over the dragon gate. The symbol represents superb achievements and can easily translate to scholastic endeavors.

Portable Feng Shui Tips for Education Luck

You can't take your home study area with you, but there are some feng shui principles applicable away from home. You can use these principles in the classroom, lab, and on school campuses to further enhance your feng shui luck.

Kua Number and Fu Wei Direction

Use your kua number to locate your best study direction. You can easily calculate your kua number and then use it to discover you Fu Wei direction. Fu Wei is one of the eight mansions in feng shui. You will then orient your study area or your desk so you are facing your this personal growth direction. Also called the wisdom direction, the Fu Wei is just waiting for you to plug in to its beneficial energies.

You can use this direction wherever you are. Sit facing your Fu Wei direction when attending classes, lectures and library research, you can tap into the energies that stimulate your natural abilities and bring you exceptional education luck.

  • If giving an oral presentation or participating on a debate team, be sure you manage to face your Fu Wei direction.
  • When in a classroom, try to sit facing this advantageous direction. It will help you concentrate on your studies.
  • If you're in a library studying, facing your Fu Wei direction can assist you in learning things that are mundane or fairly boring.

The energy of your Fu Wei direction assists in keeping you focused on whatever you're studying or discussing.

Basic Rules to Follow at School

You can use basic feng shui rules when attending school or college, such as:

  • Choose a locker number that has the lucky number 8 within it. This number vibrates to successful chi energy.
  • Keep your locker clean and clutter free.
  • Make sure your supplies are quality and stored neatly.
  • When eating in the cafeteria, sit facing your health direction (Tien Yi) to ensure you have the energy and stamina for your studies.

Take Advantage of Feng Shui Symbols

Online feng shui stores feature auspicious feng shui symbols, such as keyrings and jewelry that you can carry with you. There are many appropriate feng shui amulets, pendants, and bracelets that you can take with you when attending school. These symbols capture the essence of the luck chi energy and will continue to attract and draw it to you. Use symbol decals and apply them to a backpack, jacket, computer or locker (if allowed).

Some possible symbols include:

  • Crystal point pendant - Wear this pendant all the time or if you prefer during classes and study times at home, library or dorm. If you don't want to wear the crystal, place one in your locker.
necklace with three quartz points
  • Scholastic keyring - Most scholastic charms depict the scholar's four arts, such as chess, a book, calligraphy, and a musical instrument.
  • Success amulet - One for educational achievements includes a pair of carp jumping over the dragon gate; an amulet would be easier to take to school than a figurine.
  • Guru Rinpoche decal or sticker - The "second Buddha" was an eighth century sage who can impart wisdom, deliver karmic merit, and eliminate obstacles.

Using Feng Shui to Aid Scholastic Endeavors

There are many ways to take advantage of feng shui principles to enhance and support your educational endeavors. Achieve scholastic honors and advancement by applying ancient feng shui techniques.

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Feng Shui Your Way to Better Grades in School