Replacement Sofa Cushion Covers

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Replacement covers for your sofa cushions can breathe new life to your room décor and give your sofa a new look. Replacement covers are a better option than replacing an entire sofa or all of the cushions.

Where to Buy Replacement Covers

Two types of cushion covers can replace the current ones on your sofa. The first is an upholstery-styled cover with a back zipper. The second one is a slipcover style. Both cushion cover styles can be used with most sofa cushions; just decide which style you like best.

Slipcover Shop

Slipcover Shop offers a zippered cushion covers in various sizes available in hundreds of fabrics, patterns and colors. If you don't want a zippered cover, try the elasticized covers made to measures in size and shape. This cover fits the cushion top, sides and partial bottom the same way a fitted sheet does a mattress. Both styles can be customized to fit the thickness, shape and size of your existing cushions.

Pottery Barn

Loose Fit Twill Cushion Slipcover
Loose Fit Twill Cushion Slipcover

Pottery Barn features loose-fitting twill cushion slipcovers that feature a "two-part design for a tailored look that stays neat". The slipcovers are made from pure cotton and have ties and rings located in the back to ensure a customized snug fit. They are available for T-shaped or square cushions.

If you have an outdoor sofa, Pottery Barn also offers replacement outdoor cushion covers that also include ones that fit sectional sofa cushions.


CushionsXpress offers custom-sized zipper covers for box style cushions. Covers are available in 100% white cotton or you can choose from several indoor/outdoor fabric colors. You also have the option to add welting. Enter the cushion dimensions to order a custom size that will result in a perfect fit.

Fine Web Stores

Fine Web Stores sell individual sofa cushion covers with a back zipper. Choose from microfiber or bonded leather with detail stitching. Unlike other websites, the color choices are limited to mochas, Sierra red, black, chocolate, creme, or camel. The leather covers are available only in brown or black with white detailing.

Sure Fit

Sure Fit has an "all-time best seller" the Stretch Piqué 3 Seat Individual Cushion Sofa Covers. These individual cushions have back zippers and deep elastic hems. They're available in seven colors, like taupe, creme, gray, and garnet. The individual Piqué option is also available for a 2 seat sofa in the same colors.

Cushion Source

Custom Seat Cushion - Cover Only
Custom Seat Cushion Cover

Cushion Source provides customized cushion covers for square, rounded front, rounded back, and rounded cushions. You also have the option of welting and if you're purchasing covers for an outdoor sofa, ties, available as standard, double or sides, are available. They boast having the "biggest selection of sofa fabrics available online". You can order fabric samples for $3.00 each. If you're a DIYer, you can also purchase just the fabric or just the fill for the fabric.

Cushion Cover Shopping Tips

Save both time and money by following some simple shopping tips that will result in a good-looking sofa after you've bought your replacement covers.

How to Match Current Upholstery Fabric

Matching your current upholstery fabric might be possible if it was recently purchased, but chances are the fabric is no longer available if your sofa is older. However, you can still have a great looking piece of furniture. For a print or pattern sofa, select one of the prominent colors and go with a solid color cushion cover to complement it. If your sofa is a solid color, then opt for a striped cushion to match the sofa color and other colors in your décor. If stripes don't appeal to you, then opt for a print or patterned fabric.

Long-Wearing Fabrics

There are no right or wrong choices in the type of fabric you select, but a few types will give you longer wear. A denim, twill, leather, or heavy upholstery fabric will provide the best fabric wear. Outdoor sofas will need a weather-proof fabric such as the ones Sunbrella offers. Some of these are also suitable for indoor use.

Order Fabric Sample

Most online shops offer sample fabrics for a few dollars. It's always a good idea to have a fabric sample to compare to your sofa before ordering. Computer screen colors sometimes don't match up perfectly with the fabric colors. Lighting is different from one home to another and this can also affect colors.

Zippers Versus Elastic

Elasticized covers are typically cheaper than zippered ones. The elastic used should be tight enough to provide a snug fit. Most companies use enough material and state on their website that the fabric partially covers the back of the cushion. These two factors are important, otherwise the covers could end up constantly slipping off the cushion when sat on. A zippered cover simply won't come off a cushion, which often makes it the best choice for replacement covers.

DIY Cushion Covers

If you have sewing skills, making your own cushion covers is a great alternative to buying them.

To make your own sofa cushion covers:

  1. Remove the old cushion covers from your sofa. Do this carefully since you will be using them as a template for your new covers. The best way to remove them is to cut apart one seam and then slip the padding or cushion out of the cover.
  2. Cut new fabric according to the size and shape of the old ones. You can use the old pieces as a pattern for your new cushion fabric.
  3. Pin the new pieces of fabric together with the fabric sides facing each other.
  4. Using a sewing machine, add a zipper to the back section of the cushion. If you don't want a zipper, leave the back open to be hand-stitched closed once the foam cushion is inserted. You may prefer to sew a strip of velcro on both sides for easy closure.
  5. Sew the other three sides together with a 1/2" seam (or same seam width as original cushions).
  6. Once you have the cushion intact, stitch or zipper up the remaining seam.

Replacing Covers Is Cost Effective

Buying replacement cushion covers for your sofa is a great alternative to replacing an entire piece of furniture just because the cushions need replacing. It's also cheaper than taking your sofa to an upholstery shop and having it completely recovered in a new fabric. New cushion covers offer you the opportunity to style a quick makeover without ruining your budget.

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Replacement Sofa Cushion Covers