Swimming Pool Floating Candles

floating candles

Swimming pool floating candles create an idylic and beautiful romantic look that can make your next outdoor party memorable. Whether you float one gorgeous centerpiece or a number of smaller candles, your guests will love the special ambiance of the glowing candles.

Floating Candles for Swimming Pools

Add a special touch to any occasion by making your swimming pool look absolutely spectacular with floating candles. Whatever the reason for your get together, it is easy to find candles that will complement your theme or special occasion. Many companies even make pool candle kits that include everything you need to make your swimming pool look spectacular.

Floating candles made for pools come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs ranging from romantic looking flowers to whimsical shapes including starfish and ladybugs. Lighting your pool candles at dusk gives your guests plenty of time to enjoy the shimmering effect of the candles on the water. Depending on the specific candles you choose, burn time generally lasts from five to fifteen hours.

Where to Find Swimming Pool Floating Candles

Floating candles for pools are available at many brick and mortar swimming pool supply stores and stores that specialize in party decorations. Many online companies offer a wonderful selection of these festive pool accents.

Wax Wizard Candles

Wax Wizard Candles offers beautiful luminary candles with a replaceable fuel source. The outer portion of the candle is made of real wax. The candle is illuminated using a votive or tea light candle placed in a glass candle holder inside the wax outer shell or with a replaceable fuel cell cartridge made of liquid paraffin and a burn time that averages seventeen hours.

These gorgeous refillable floating candles are several different shapes and sizes including:

  • Round lantern style luminary floating candles in white or ivory have a ribbed wax design and measure five inches high and five inches in diameter
  • Lotus shaped luminary lanterns candles in white or ivory measure four inches high and five inches in diameter
  • Water lily floating candles available in yellow, pink, white and lavender measure 5 ½ inches in diameter and only burn away in the center of the candle making them easy to refill using a tea light candle
  • Self-contained mini floating luminary lantern candles are free floating and measure 2 ½ inches high and 2 ¾ inches in diameter and are available in purple, pink and blue

Pool Center

Pool Center offers beautiful brightly colored blossom floating candles that measure 8 ½ inches in diameter. The candles hold a votive or tea light candle and come in four striking colors including:

  • Yellow
  • Rose
  • Blue White

Also offered by the Pool Center are Ambience Floating Candles. These candles have a two piece design and measure five inches high by nine inches in diameter and are sold in the following colors:

  • Red
  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange

The company also carries floating candles illuminated with LED lights including:

  • Stars
  • Roses
  • Water lily
  • A floating garden of assorted flowers in many striking colors
  • Round glitter type globes

Tips for Floating Candles in Swimming Pools

  • Make sure to turn off your pool filter when floating candles are in the pool.
  • If people are going to be swimming with the floating candles make sure to use candles that have deeply set flames so they are not easily extinguished by water ripples. Often the floating candles are contained in a small section of the swimming pool when the pool is in use.
  • Choose candles with recessed wicks so they are not easily put out by blowing wind.
  • Attach a small weight, such as a one used for fishing to the bottom of the candle using fishing line or dental floss to keep the candles from moving all around the pool. They will still have movement but it will be confined to a small area.

Use Floating Candles in Your Pool

With the wide variety of swimming pool floating candles available, there is sure to be a style and design that will complement your next backyard party or romantic dinner at home for two. The look of the flickering candlelight as it gently moves across the water is breathtaking and something that everyone will remember for many years to come.

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Swimming Pool Floating Candles