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Jung Seed is a Wisconsin based mail-order seed company that provides gardeners with many of the essential garden supplies that will make any garden successful. This family owned business has been around for over 100 years, making Jung Seeds a name that home gardeners everywhere trust.

Does Jung Offer Genetically Modified Seeds?

Jung Seed has been in business since 1907. They provide seeds, plants, shrubs, fruit trees and other products that are used by home gardeners and market gardeners nationwide. At one time they produced their own seeds, but today they purchase most of them from other growers.

Home gardeners are often concerned about the sources and types of seeds they buy, and confusion about gentically modified seeds abounds. Rest assured that Jung does not offer GMO seeds. According to Patti King, seed buyer for Jung Seeds, "Although we do purchase some seeds from a division of Monsanto, these are not genetically modified but selected through plant breeding, which is the same process being utilized by most plant breeders and suppliers throughout the world. I actually purchase seeds from over 80 companies. Some are small family owned growers and some are global corporations."

Ordering from Jung

The Jung Seeds catalog has a wide variety of products. You can order directly from the catalog or from their web site. If you live near one of their five garden centers, you can purchase directly from them as well.

Product categories found in the catalog and on the web site include:

  • Annuals
  • Vegetables
  • Bulbs
  • Fruits
  • Perennials
  • Shrubs and Trees
  • Roses
  • Herbs
  • Supplies

You can also check out their sale items or order a gift certificate. Weekly specials are also offered.

Jung Seed Genetics

Originally, Jung Seeds sold to farmers and home gardeners alike. All that changed in 1997 when they divided. Still, both divisions of Jung Seeds are family owned and operated in Randolph, Wisconsin.

Offering corn, soybeans, alfalfa and other grain and cover crops, Jung Seed Genetics has a 99 percent germination guarantee on their seeds. This allows farmers to achieve the highest profit per acre planted.

Other Companies

You may be ordering from Jung Seeds and not even know it! The company puts out several seed catalogs that you have likely seen and enjoyed with a total circulation of about eight million. Do you recognize these names?

McClure and Zimmerman

McClure and Zimmerman has been selling flower bulbs for over 25 years. They have an outstanding variety to choose from; some common and others very exotic from all over the world.

Roots and Rhizomes

Roots and Rhizomes has a nice selection of daylilies, hostas and other perennials.

R.H. Shumway

R.H. Shumway's has many seeds for vegetables, flowers and herbs. They also offer trees and shrubs, roses and farm seeds that include grains, grasses and green manures.

Totally Tomatoes

If you like tomatoes, you'll love Totally Tomatoes. With over 200 varieties of tomato seeds from tiny cherry tomatoes to big goliath tomatoes, you will be amazed at the selection available. The hard part is deciding which to try first, and with new varieties being introduced each year it will be hard to try them all.

They also offer over 100 varieties of pepper seeds, as well as tomato and pepper plants. A couple of varieties of garlic and onions are also sold here along with gardening supplies.

Vermont Bean Seed

Vermont Bean Seed Company carries more than just beans. They also offer bulbs, flower seeds, fruits and other vegetables. A small selection of flowering annuals is also available. Of course, their most impressive category is beans with 11 sub-categories that include over 100 varieties to choose from.

Edmonds' Roses

Edmonds' Roses has been offering an amazing variety of roses since 1949. Choose from tea roses, climbing roses and miniature roses. If you are a rose lover, you'll want to expand your garden after checking out the selection here.

HPS Horticultural

HPS sells seeds primarily to the professional grower. They offer annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables. Wholesale pricing is also available. Also available is a nice selection of supplies that a professional needs for his garden business such as pixie stakes, plastic pots and seed starting supplies.

Most of the seed companies owned by Jung Seeds will include free seeds with an order of a predetermined dollar amount, so check each site to see what their offer is. With so many catalogs to choose from, Jung Seeds has everything that a home gardener could want, and then some.


Jung Seed Company: Online Garden Supplies