6 Clues Your Ex-Boyfriend Still Likes You

Does My ex Boyfriend Still Like Me?

Has your ex-boyfriend been acting strangely to you? Do you think he still likes you? Find out if your ex-boyfriend is still in to you. Learn how to break down his actions like communicating, acting jealous and spending time with you.

Think of Reasons Why He Still Likes You

Before trying to answer the question of how can I tell if my ex-boyfriend still likes me, it's helpful to take a step back. Examining the reasons why he may want to start dating you again will put his actions in context.

Realizes He Still Likes You

Sometimes people don't know what they had until they lose it. Though it sounds ridiculous, he may have been having too much fun to realize he was enjoying the relationship with you. He broke up, thinking that he would find more satisfaction with another woman or as a single person. Being away from you, however, clarified his real feelings and allowed him to see that he does like you and maybe even loves you. He now wants to get back together.

Understands the Mistakes He Made

If you broke up with him due to behavioral issues, the time apart may have allowed him to understand his mistakes. While in the relationship, he couldn't see how he was hurting you. Breaking up gave him the space needed to review his actions or words. He is now hoping you will forgive him and take him back.

He Was Scared of His Feelings

This kind of breakup can be especially difficult for both people. When some guys begin to fall in love, the feelings scare them. He may have never felt love before and he doesn't know how to handle the emotions. Instead of working through them with you, he backs away instead. The time apart may have been just what he needed, however. If he is now ready to handle his emotions, he will be coming back and hoping you still feel the same way about him.

He is Bored

Unfortunately, when your ex-boyfriend is interested in dating again, it may not be for noble reasons. He may just be bored as a single guy. He may just want to hang out because he can't find another date. Worse, he may be hoping to have some make-up sex and nothing more. Be on guard for this kind of guy.

How Can I Tell if My Ex-Boyfriend Still Likes Me?

If you are lucky, he will figure out he wants to date again "all at once" and will leave no doubt about what he wants. This may look like:

  • He calls and declares his love. This is what you are hoping for during those painful days after the breakup. Few people experience an ex-boyfriend having an epiphany of this magnitude, but it does still happen. If this happens, take him back and live happily ever after.
  • He shows up at your door with flowers. Having him show up at your door with flowers and an apology doesn't only happen in the movies. Even if he forgets the flowers, the fact that he comes to see you in person is a great sign.

Unfortunately, scenarios like these are rare. The reality is that he is unlikely to realize he wants to get back together all at once. Over time, whether it's a few days or a few weeks or more, he will begin to realize he still likes you. In fact, he may not even realize it immediately. Getting back together after a breakup is very similar to falling in love the first time. Watch for flirting signs such as:

  • He smiles a lot when he sees you. If seeing you makes him happy, expressed by a smile, he may interested in dating again.
  • He spends time around you. When he was first attracted to you, he likely found many reasons or excuses to be nearby. If he is starting to fall for you all over again, he'll want to be near you.
  • He starts communicating. After the break up, you likely didn't talk for a while. A guy that is still interested in you will want to talk again.
  • He acts jealous. If he sees you with other guys, he may get really jealous, even if all you were doing was talking with another man. Seeing that he may be losing you may help him realize he really does want you. On the other hand, he could be the possessive type and doesn't want you to be with anyone else, even though he doesn't want to date you.

Exploring Your Ex-Boyfriends Clues

Above all, trust your instincts about your ex-boyfriend. You know him better than when you first started dating. Use your knowledge about him to read the signals he is providing.

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6 Clues Your Ex-Boyfriend Still Likes You