Bathing Suits for a Pear Shape

Perfect for the pear shape!

Finding excellent bathing suits for a pear shape is easy once you know the basics. There are many more options than there used to be and you can feel confident about looking evenly proportioned while having fun in the sun.

Swimsuits for Bottom-Heavy Figures

The classic problem most pear-shaped women find is that a suit that fits at the bottom will sag on the top. Despite the fact that the pear shape is the most common in women, there have traditionally been few suits that were designed to fit and flatter them. However, you now have a number of options, not least are that tops and bottoms can now be purchased separately.

For women who want to hide their lower portions, a swim skirt is a good way to go. Some pear shapes will find that boy shorts can make them look squat, but a skirt adds texture and flow to the body. These don't have to be huge granny skirts - there are plenty of cute skirts available. You can find one that will match a bikini top that shows off your slim torso - if nothing else, a black skirt will always match everything.

The other option is a folded bikini bottom. The folding will hide curves and give you a streamlined look.

Showing off Curves

Contrary to what the media often says, big hips are sexy. Many bathing suits for a pear shape are bikinis that let a woman flaunt her figure as she likes. For those worried about looking too small on top, almost all bikini tops come with removable pads.

A great way to wear a bikini to the most flattering effect is to opt for a darker color bottom. This will draw attention upwards and create more balance to your figure. You might also opt for a top with detailing, such as a pattern or even ruffles or other trim. You can get away with whatever you like for the top. However, you want to keep the bottom as simple as possible. Folds are great, but avoid patterns and especially ruffles, as these can create bulk, rather than streamlining your shape.

One Pieces for Pear Shapes

The classic bathing suit for pear shapes is a one-piece because the idea used to be that a woman with large hips shouldn't show them off. Now you can get one-pieces that are still sexy and allow you to show off as much as you want. The best option for a pear shape is a suit with a plunging neckline. Again, this draws attention upward.

You can also choose a suit with asymmetrical shoulders, or a strapless option. Many pear-shaped women have narrow shoulders and a suit in this style will show them off very well. If you are going on a cruise, you might be amazed at how a simple strapless one-piece, just in black and with some ruching across the belly will get you a lot of flattering attention.

If you want the look of a one-piece and the convenience of a two-piece, opt for a tankini. Look for a fitted top with a sexy neckline and dark bottoms. Many tankinis will also come with matching swim skirts.

Accessorize Your Swimwear

The best accessory for a pear shaped woman is always the classic sarong. Whether you are wearing a bikini or a one-piece, tying a sarong around your waist will add to your style and attitude. Many suits come with matching sarongs, or you can get a plain suit and a collection of sarongs to maintain variety throughout the summer. If you are lounging, rather than swimming, also consider jewelry. A beaded necklace or something with a bit of shimmer will help keep attention away from your hips and give you a bit more style as well. And of course, never step into the sun without a big hat!

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Bathing Suits for a Pear Shape