Custom Swimsuits Interview

Lori Coulter
Lori Coulter

Have you longed for custom swimsuits, but never believed you could afford them? Think again! Now you can buy swimwear that fits like a second skin without the hefty designer price tag. TrueMeasure is a company that uses cutting edge TrueFit computer technology to create beautiful custom swimwear for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

LoveToKnow Swimsuits tracked down Lori Coulter, the guiding force behind TrueMeasure, to talk about this breakthrough in swimwear design.

Custom Swimsuits from TrueMeasure

custom swimsuit from Truemeasure

LoveToKnow (LTK): Lori, please explain more about TrueMeasure.

Lori Coulter (LC): TrueMeasure is a custom fitting system that uses light and camera based technology initially developed at MIT called the [TC]2 3D Body Scanner. This scanner measures the entire human body in less than twelve seconds and produces a true-to-scale 3D body model within a minute. These measurements are more accurate and consistent than measurements taken by even a trained professional.

The TrueMeasure line of wearable swimwear is created from the latest fabrics, prints and styles. With a focus on both fashion and design, the line blends vibrant colors and bold prints with modern accessories and classic, feminine shapes. We want to make women feel confident and beautiful in swimwear that fits them. Once a woman understands what looks best for her figure, she exudes confidence in her fashion choices.

The Process

custom bikini from Truemeasure


LTK: Where can women go to get custom fitted?

LC: Women can schedule fittings for custom swimsuits by calling (888)727-9879 or visiting You can find a location near you, plus additional information, by calling our toll-free line.

Personal Profile

LTK: Once a client is fitted, what happens next?

LC: The results of the scan are used in combination with information gathered through a personal profile questionnaire to produce individual customer recommendations from our patent-pending software recommendation engine. The results will help us suggest the best silhouettes, colors, and prints to meet customers' expectations.

We work closely with our customers to select the desired silhouette. Women can customize their swimsuit, right down to the last detail, including color, pattern, enhancements and hardware. We blend high-fashion and mass-customization to create an experience for women who are fashion and body conscious.

Styles and Fabrics

LTK: Tell us about the styles and fabrics clients can choose from.

The TrueMeasure line provides a true fit for all ages, lifestyles and activities. The lines feature the latest in colors, styles and accessories, along with the classically elegant suits that are the core of the line. The customer will choose the color, fabric, straps, leg cut, lining, support, bra, trim, and coverage options until she achieves the desired garment.

From Fit to Delievery

LTK: From first fitting to delivery, how long does it take get swimsuits that fit?

LC: On average, our custom swimsuits take about four weeks to create, from fitting to delivery.

Optional Features

LTK: Are there any additional options/features available?

LC: We have several cover-up, enhancement and fashion options for our clients. We actually find that many women choose to buy several suits and coordinating cover-ups at once. As long as you're there for the fitting, why not take full advantage of the service and have your swimwear ensemble coordinated and customized all at once?

Learn More

Lori Coulter has been featured in dozens of magazines and several television segments for her unique swimwear concept. The swimwear is available at select Macy's and Soft Surroundings locations as well as trunk shows. To learn more about TrueMeasure personalized swimwear, visit:

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Custom Swimsuits Interview