Different Ways to Wrap a Sarong

Different Ways to Wrap a Sarong


Learn different ways to wrap a sarong and make the most of this sexy swimsuit accessory.

You may be surprised at how versatile these swathes of lighter-than-air fabric can be.

Sarong Fanny Wrap


Gather your sarong length-wise, hold it across the front of your hips and continue around to cross one end over the other across your behind.

Continue bringing each end around to the front again, and tie them together with a simple square knot at the front.

Now you have a cute cover for your bikini bottom!

Sarong Veil


A sarong can also be wrapped around your head to protect your hair from the wind and also add a little mystery to your beach persona.

Imagine this sarong in white and you have a fabulous bridal veil for an informal beach wedding.

Dress Sarong


This beach goer has her sarong wrapped around her chest just under her arms and tied in front for an easy-breezy coverup.

Short Skirt Wrap


Fold your sarong in half length-wise, Beginning from the back, wrap the sarong over your behind, around your hips and tie it either in the center or at the side as you please.

This look offers a little more coverage than the fanny wrap.

Kerchief Wrap Sarong


A square-cut sarong can be folded like a triangle and then tied at the hip for a decidedly sassy look.

Long Skirt Sarong


This airy sarong is left long and simply tied low-slung around the hips.

With a print this gorgeous, the effect is stunning.

Shoulder Wrap


Although there are many fancy ways to wrap a sarong, who says you just can't throw it over your shoulders whenever you need it?

Now that you have plenty of ideas, stock up on beautiful sarongs to match all your swimwear and get ready to hit the beach.

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Different Ways to Wrap a Sarong