Interview with Hilary Genga of Trunkettes

Hilary Genga, Trunkettes CEO
Hilary Genga, Trunkettes CEO

Trunkettes are the female's answer to guys' swim trunks. They're feminine, but as modest as you'd like. What a combo!

Have you ever avoided going to the beach because you were afraid of all the potentially embarrassing moments involved in wearing a traditional swimsuit? Do you skip the beach completely because you don't want to show off your body? Hilary Genga, CEO of Trunkettes, has your solution. Move freely, cover as much as you want and still enjoy all the beach activity!

Keep reading as LTK chats with Hilary about the swimsuit that can get women off their towels and into the water.

The Early Days

Hilary, where did you get your inspiration?

I got my inspiration for Trunkettes while at a swim party with my kids. All the kids and dads were in the pool, but none of the moms were swimming. I knew it was because of the horrors of putting on a traditional swimsuit, and I knew right then that something had to be done!

What were some of the challenges you faced getting your product out on the market?

The main challenge I faced getting my product out on the market was getting the swimsuits manufactured. My team knew we had a terrific product from conducting test markets across the country, but finding a manufacturer that does quality and timely work without requiring huge minimums was difficult.

The Right Trunkettes for You

Do you have any tips for choosing the right top and bottom Trunkette combination for your body type?

Teen girls in trunk swimsuit bottoms from Trunkettes

If you have a little extra in the tummy area, the "TKO" is great. It comes up high and the wide waistband really minimizes your midriff. If it's your thigh area that's got you, the longer length "Truth or Derriere" or "Funky Fresh" is fabulous. If you would like a little extra on top, the "Get Pumped" really does the job.

What about for the activities you'll be enjoying on the beach or at the pool?

Trunkettes are truly great for all activities you will be enjoying at the beach or the pool. They let you feel comfortable, confident and sexy whether you're swimming, playing volleyball, running around after your kids or kicking back reading your favorite summer novel!

What is your best-selling top and bottom?

Right now our best selling top is the bikini top "Get Pumped," It has removable pads, but either way it's vavavoom! The best selling bottoms are a tie between "Legs Legs Legs" and "Truth or Derriere".

Is there a certain style that's closest to your heart, perhaps the first one designed?

The style closest to my heart is the "Legs Legs Legs" paired with the Tankini. That was our very first sell one day after we went live online, and it was a well-known celebrity who bought it! At that moment I knew we really had something.

Where can girls find these trunks?

The easiest place to find them is at

Behind the Scenes

Young woman in red Trunkettes and a bikini top

What's a typical workday like for you?

My typical workday is a busy one. I wake up, work on Trunkettes, take my kids to school, work some more, pick my kids up from school, work on more designs, take kids to dance, basketball, etc., work on Trunkettes. You get the picture. I am a working mom with two small kids, and I fit work in every moment I am not with my kids.

I am a very hands-on CEO, so my days consist of anything from doing interviews to meeting with store owners, from brainstorming new designs to troubleshooting with customers. I insist on talking personally to any customer who is not happy.

A Final Word

There's no need to sit out on all the summer fun you can have at the beach or by the pool. If you like surfing, you know how embarrassing a fall can be, but with these bottoms, you don't have to worry about your swimsuit bottom flashing extra skin! If you just like to read and soak up the sun, you can do so without being ogled; you'll look cute, but you'll be relatively covered up. Trunkettes could be your solution to all your swimwear needs. Be sure to check out their multiple swimsuit combinations.

Interview with Hilary Genga of Trunkettes