Satin Blouses Gallery

Stunning Satin Blouses Gallery

Elegant, luxurious, and sexy, this satin blouses gallery shows that any woman can look and feel fabulous in satin. While a satiny blouse can be the perfect partner for a sleek skirt or nice pant for a special occasion, you can also wear many styles for work and casual wear. See tricks and tips on looking your best in a satin blouse in this slideshow!

Strategic Satin Tops

Satin isn't always the most forgiving material. In a fitted blouse, this sleek fabric can often show figure flaws. Fortunately, you can camouflage anything you'd rather not show off by going with a a patterned tunic style blouse. Other figure-forgiving styles include voluminous blouses pulled in at the waist with a tie or belt, wrap blouses, and body skimming styles.

Asymmetrical Satin Top
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The one shoulder trend extends to satin blouses, too. Elegant and yet sexy, this asymmetrical style is perfect for a special or formal occasion. Details like a sweeping shoulder tie add drama to a simple blouse.

Wardrobe Staple: White Satin Top

A white button-down satin top makes a great wardrobe staple. This versatile blouse can be dressed up or down; worn with a skirt and jacket for work; or paired with a great jean and heels for a night out.

Satin in Bold Colors

While a standard white blouse can be a versatile wardrobe addition, don't be afraid of color in satin shirts! A bold color that works with your skin tone and hair color can make you shine and bring any outfit to life.

Work-Ready Satin Blouse

A striped satin button down in neutral colors makes a pretty and professional piece for work. Pair with a skirt or slacks in a complementary neutral color.

Ruffled Collar Satin Top

A loose fitting top with a slight ruffle or other detail along the neckline can work for rectangular and pear shaped body types. A slightly looser fit and the volume of the ruffles can add an illusion of curves to an angular body type. A wider neckline and emphasis on the top portion of the blouse draw the eye upward and creates proportion on pear shapes.

Shine in Satin

From dressy work apparel to special occasion wear, satin blouses are an excellent choice. Make sure to wear a well-fitting bra (sans lace) to keep a smooth, pretty silhouette in your satin top. If you liked this satin blouses gallery, check out our guide to special occasion blouses, too!

Satin Blouses Gallery