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If you are tired of feeling disappointed when you go shopping for a swimsuit, then treat yourself and visit Swimsuits For All. Designed to provide exceptional comfort, and fashion-forward style, you are all but guaranteed to find a style that helps you feel your beautiful best, as this company, true to its name, does exactly that!

LoveToKnow had the pleasure of discussing the various options that this swimwear retailer has to offer with marketing director, Mr. Bobby Missry.

Swimsuits For All and the Company's Philosophy

LoveToKnow (LTK): Can you please share a little bit about your company's philosophy with some of our visitors?

Bobby Missry (BM): Swimsuits For All.com believes every woman deserves to enjoy the sun, sand, pool, and ocean. To that end, we provide a variety of swimwear designs and styles to fit and flatter every silhouette in addition to related apparel and accessories for real women sizes 8 and up.

We are diligent in our quest to provide swimwear to enhance all body types and styling choices. Swimsuits For All.com knows the fashion sense of today's woman varies from fashionista to contemporary elegance to classic taste. As such, we offer swimwear to meet the tastes of real women. Swimsuits For All.com is committed to providing swimwear for your unique style, silhouette, and budget.

The Swimsuits For All Advantage

Another style from Swimsuits For All.

LTK: Why should potential customers choose your site over some of the others that are on the Internet out there?

BM: Swimsuits For All.com tailors the website to provide a unique shopping experience for real women. Our website's versatility allows our customer to shop according to her unique body type and tastes by offering tailored shopping for women sizes 8-16 and 18-34.

Unlike other sites that offer one shopping experience for all women and cannot guarantee real women will find swimwear in their size, Swimsuits For All.com provides two separate stores: one for women sizes 8-16 and another for women sizes 18-34. In doing so, our customers are never stuck wondering if the swimsuit she likes will actually come in her size.

We also provide complementary swimwear consultations by our dedicated representatives to guarantee every woman will find apparel to beautify her unique figure. Additionally, we offer fit and flatter tips for every piece of swimwear and related apparel we offer on our website. Finally, between our great discount prices, and exciting sales we feel it is important to make our customers feel completely satisfied if shopping on a budget.

LTK: Love the Fit Solutions category on the site; it really seems to take into consideration many of your customers' specific needs. What or how can they expect this section to help them choose the right swim fashion for their lifestyles?

BM: The Fit Solutions category at Swimsuits For All.com, located on our left navigation tool bar, provides real women a unique shopping experience. It enables our customer to find flattering swimwear for her specific body type. Women can directly find swimwear with designs to slim the tummy, minimize rear and thighs, hide hips, support/minimize the bust, enhance the bust or fit a long torso. We take the guesswork out and provide a listing of swimwear designed to assist our customer to visually camouflage troubled areas and enhance her assets.

Have an Interest in Modeling?

Another style from Swimsuits For All.

LTK: Another feature that really stands out about your site is the Be a Model section. Can anyone model for the company? And further, what can those that apply expect from the application process?

BM: Swimsuits For All.com is always interested in finding real women to model our swimwear and related apparel. We know our customers are real women and we strive to find models to showcase our variety of swimwear merchandise who represent them and our philosophy. Yes, anyone who has a passion for swimwear and self-confidence only exhibited by real women can model for Swimsuits For All.com. We continuously review applications submitted from the website.

The Customer Comes First…

LTK: From what I see so far, your site is truly a customer-centered website that offers plenty of unique and beneficial features. Is there anything else you would like to share with our visitors that we haven't yet touched on?

BM: We are extremely customer service oriented, and that's not just a phrase! In order to fulfill our goal of helping women feel happy and beautiful with their purchase, we provide in-depth descriptions for all of our products, and use real size models at our brick and mortar locations, as this helps the customer clearly visualize what the suit will look like on her - before she purchases.

…And Are the Designers

BM: A great example of our customer-centered philosophy is our own exclusive swimwear line, Beach Belle. This entire line was designed based on customer feedback, and even better, we are open for design suggestions going forward - into 2011 and beyond!

New Fabulous and Sporty Additions

LTK: What can athletic swimmers of your design line look forward to?

BM: We cater to the athletic aerobic swimmer as well. We have a great selection of chlorine resistant, polyester swimwear. In addition, we also have a nice selection of Polyester Beach Belle Swimsuits that were designed with our customers' feedback.

We are constantly listening to our customers, and our customers are requesting an Activewear/Yoga site. We should hopefully be opening this site at some point next year!

LTK would like to extend a special thanks to Mr. Missry for extending his time to answer our questions. If you'd like to take a look at the entire swimwear collection, or learn more, be sure to visit Swimsuits For All.com.

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Swimsuits for All Interview