Two Bar West Purses

Two Bar Southwestern Style Handbag

The Two Bar West brand featured ranch-inspired handbags that were made for women who wanted a touch of western flair in their bags. While these bags are no longer being sold new under the Two Bar West brand, you can still find some cool vintage ones to add to your handbag collection.

Two Bar West History

Two Bar West was founded by Stacy and Laurie McFadin. These sisters from Sabinal, Texas began creating western-inspired bags in 2008 as a tribute to their family's generations of ranchers. The Two Bar West name came from their grandfather's cattle brand. The bags became very popular, especially with celebrities including several A-listers.

McFadin Black Cheetah Accent Studded Shoulder Bag
McFadin Cheetah Accent Bag

Even though Two Bar West is no longer marketing bags under that specific label, the McFadin sisters are still designing under their own name. McFadin handbags are very similar to Two Bar West and feature western elements and designs. These bags are also handmade from the highest quality leather and materials just like Two Bar West bags were.

Popular Two Bar West Purse Styles

Since Two Bar West bags were made by hand, they featured exquisite details and were designed for superior quality. Using high quality materials and fashionable designs, these accessories were designed to be functional and stylish, expressing a wonderful combination of rustic elegance.

Mosts bags from Two Bar West featured elements such as crystals, studs, horse hair pulls and insets of turquoise. The line also included interchangeable straps that allowed you to customize the look of your bag. These elements made Two Bar West handbags unique and interesting. Most bags could be found in the $300 to $400 price range.

Some of the most popular bag styles by Two Bar West included the following:

  • Black Fringe Bag: This iconic bag was made popular by celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. All have been spotted frequently carrying this specific style. What made the leather Fringe bag unique was the studded strap, magnetic clasp closure and the handy pocket for your cell phone. This bag also was available in brown leather.
  • Black Leather Purse with Star: This purse was constructed from soft, supple, black leather in a fold-over style with a flap. It had a long shoulder strap, and a studded star embellishment on the front of the bag's flap which made it really stand out. This style was made to be eye-catching and unique. As a final detail, fringe was added as trim.
  • Navajo Print Bags: Two Bar West included several bags made from Navajo print material. These bags were inspired by the southwest and featured vivid colors such as bright red, black, blue and gold. Navajo print bags came in tote, shoulder and cross-body styles.

Finding Vintage Two Bar West Bags

While Two Bar West bags are not being sold in retail stores or on the company's website, you can still find a variety of bags in vintage stores and online at sites such as:

Two Bar West Black Pebbled Leather Changeable Strap Handbag
Two Bar West Leather Handbag
  • eBay: On eBay, you can find anything from the Fringe Leather Bag to the Zebra Cowhide Handbag from Two Bar West.
  • Poshmark: On Poshmark, you can find great deals on Two Bar West bags such as the Brown Fringe Bag with an embellished Love strap for under $200. Inventory is constantly updating so be sure to check this site often.

Since most sites that carry vintage bags do not keep a consistent inventory, you will want to keep an eye out for the bag you are looking for. If you see what you want don't wait long, since it may not be there by the time you decide that you really need to have it.

McFadin Handbags

McFadin bag in putty as seen on Kate Hudson
Kate Bag

If you are interested in purchasing a McFadin bag, you can find them online at Boutique To You. This site carries the latest styles such as the popular Black Fringe Bag, which is nearly identical to the one produced by Two Bar West, and other bags such as:

  • Selena: This leather bag is priced at $500 and is a favorite of Selena Gomez. This bag has a long shoulder strap and hanging fringes in the same black leather as the body of the bag.
  • Kate Bag: Made popular by Kate Hudson, this leather bag is done in a putty color and features multiple layers of fringes. It is designed to sit closer to your body and is priced around $400.

Add Some Western Flair

Whether you are looking for a bag to carry while out west or simply love the look of western wear, Two Bar West bags are sure to please. These bags look great paired with jeans and cowboy boots and even work well with casual everyday clothing as well.

Two Bar West Purses