Donna Porter


Donna Porter is an experienced small business owner, freelance writer and former cosmetologist. Her writing background includes business, health and consumer advocacy. Publications include Successful Writing at Work (contributing chapter), The British Medical Journal, and various topical health, business, and topical websites and newsletters.

Detailed Experience

Healthcare and Consumer Advocacy Experience

Donna has served as a director for a non-profit health organizations, Lyme Alliance, Inc., and as a health editor for Patient Initiatives (UK), and as an Health Guide. She also developed and maintained her own award-winning health website. Following this, she founded and operated a web design business which was profiled by Microsoft as a "Small Biz Success Story."

Research Credentials

Donna's experience in information research spans 13 years and includes IS0 9001 Master's Level certification in Information Research and Data Evaluation. In practical terms, it means she can find useful information and apply it accordingly. Additional ISO certifications include Sales Industry, Internet Industry, Computer Industry and Web Design Concepts.

Believes in Becoming Your Own Advocate

Donna believes strongly in educating oneself on health and consumer issues and in protecting oneself against costly errors and mistakes, sometimes made by professionals. She says, "You are your own best advocate and with the wide-array of in depth information available on the Internet, becoming educated is much easier. I also enjoy helping others find reliable, easy-to-use resources to improve their lives and that of their loved ones."

More About Donna Porter

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