Lynsey Keep, RN

Lynsey Keep, RN

Lynsey Keep is a registered nurse in the United Kingdom who received her diploma from the University of Brighton. As a freelance writer, she has a passion for sharing her knowledge about health and wellbeing, and she loves knowing that her articles make a difference to her readers. She started writing purely as a hobby and soon realized there was a niche for sharing her well-matured knowledge.

Nursing Specialties

Her specialist areas as a nurse are emergency room nursing, disease management, child, and women's health. She uses her education and practical experience to create highly authentic and informative articles that can really help people.

Dietary Expertise

As a nurse, Lynsey has run diet clinics and offered advice and support to fellow dieters. This gives her great satisfaction.

Exploration of Alternative Therapies

Lynsey has a personal interest in natural and alternative remedies. In fact, she become pregnant with both her children following alternative therapy treatments.

More About Lynsey Keep

Lynsey lives on the South Coast, in England with her partner, her two sons, and her dog. If you're interested in her writing services, you can contact her on LinkedIn.

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