Mike Triggs


Mike Triggs is a writer and artist from Las Vegas, Nevada. A big kid at heart, he writes video game reviews for Gameworld Networks and is also an editor and web designer. In his spare time Mike reads Tarot cards, plays far too many video games, and plays along at home while watching Jeopardy!.


Video Game Reviewer,Editor,Web Designer and Administrator


  • Staff writer, website administrator, and editor: Pulse Magazine
  • Video game writer and reviewer: Gameworld Networks

Detailed Experience

Mike's experience includes the Phoenix Gazette, and on The Den, a now-defunct website run by the Ziff-Davis Media Group. In addition to video game and UMD movie reviews for Gameworld Networks, a UK-based video game site, he was a staff writer, website administrator, and editor for Pulse Magazine, a community magazine in North Las Vegas.