John Bardinelli

John Bardinelli

John Bardinelli is a freelance writer currently working out of Asheville, North Carolina. His publishing credits include numerous online sites ranging from natural healthcare sources to video game fan sites. He has also written fiction works, including two published novels and many short stories. When he isn't reading, writing or attempting to find absolute zero, John likes to get outside and get lost in the mountains on a long hike.

Traveling is his other passion, along with outdoor sports (hiking in the mountains can't be beat!), learning to play the ukulele, physical theater, philosophy, clockworks, and small shiny objects. In addition to lots of road trips and excursions across North America, John has traveled extensively in Italy and has visited Germany and Holland as well. At any moment in time he might pick up and travel somewhere, so watch out.

John also has an intense love of languages and linguistics, a coupling that goes along quite nicely with world travel and freelance writing.

If you're at all curious about John's freelance and fiction career, check out his website:

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