Sally Oken

Sally Oken

Sally Oken is a full time writer who lives on a tree-lined street in a historic corner of Philadelphia. Sally is new to the LoveToKnow community, but she's been a writer and editor for more than ten years. Her career in publishing has taken her to some fascinating places and introduced her to experts in every field from software development to mushroom farming to heart surgery. She's always interested in sharing what she's learned with those who might benefit from her experience.

Job Hunting and Career Management

Sally is a contributing writer and consultant for more than a half dozen staffing firms and career centers around the country. She's been heavily involved in career management for three years and has helped countless job seekers find rewarding positions, land their first jobs, or get back into the work force after a few years away. She also helps employees find the courage and resources to move beyond jobs that are holding them back.

Dogs, Cats, Fish and Birds

Sally has always felt a kinship with the animals that share our lives. Before finishing her master's degree and beginning her career in writing and publishing, Sally earned her BS in animal science. She's spent years immersed in research related to animal health and nutrition and can answer your questions about small pets, large pets, and backyard livestock like chickens and sheep.

Hair and Skin Care

Sally loves career management and animal care, but her writing adventures have also taken her into unexpected territory. After a short series of her freelance articles on hair and skin care went viral a few years ago, Sally has often been asked to provide advice on healthy, natural beauty treatments. Her resulting research and contact with experts has turned her into something of an accidental beauty guru. She writes frequent articles on fitness, nutrition, and personal pampering tips that can help fight the effects of aging.

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