Greg Thompson

Greg Thompson has been a freelance writer for a very, very long time. He has produced a variety of works, from screenwriting to short stories to poetry and novels, but he has a particular interest in topics that involve gaming and technology.

Games Aficionado

While a writer by trade, Greg loves to spend his free time gaming.

Passion for Video Games

He has been an avid gamer for decades. He is an old school gamer at heart, but does own a Wii, which is last system he has owned since the original Xbox, hence the "old school." His goal this year is to acquire all the North American released Dreamcast games.

Board and Card Games Fan

Greg also adores playing board games and cards. His favorites include Uno, Scrabble, chess, and all variations of these games.

Connect With Greg Thompson

Greg maintains a professional presence on LinkedIn, so feel free to connect with him there.


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