Paul Merchant

Paul Merchant

Paul Merchant has a passion for freelance writing. Boasting years of experience in micro-economic development and financial analysis, he has previously worked as a financial analyst for several Fortune 500 companies. Paul loves to write about business, investment and personal finance.

International Fellowship

Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Master's of Business Administration in Finance. He is also a past recipient of an international fellowship in African Capital Investment and Microeconomic Development. He also doubles as an academic tutor in addition to making regular contributions to renowned economic journals.

Financial Advisor

Drawing interest from his expertise in economics and financial management, Paul spends most of his spare time researching and writing about money and investment. He actively participates in economic forums and provides consultancy to individuals seeking for advice on personal finance. You'll find more of his work on BizFluent and PocketSense.

More About Paul Merchant

Paul loves spending his free time travelling, sightseeing and visiting friends. He believes that it is through his regular interactions with people and nature that he gets to reconcile life expectations with reality.

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