Alia Hart

Alia Hart

Alia is a freelance writer who primarily writes business and personal finance topics and has been producing web content since 2010. She currently holds an Enrolled Agent license issued by the Internal Revenue Service and is attending college in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in accounting, with plans to continue to graduate school to pursue a Master's degree in Taxation. Aside from her background in taxation, Alia also has years of experience in business, personal finance and marketing environments.


Alia's primary background is in taxation. In addition to tax return preparation for businesses and individuals, Alia has years of experience representing taxpayers before the IRS. She has implemented plans and stategies to help both individuals and business owners manage their tax debt affordably, all while protecting their physical assets, bank accounts and paychecks. One of things Alia enjoys most about contributing online content is the ability to inform readers about their options, responsibilties and rights when it comes to dealing with the IRS.

Personal Finance

As a mother and household manager, Alia knows a thing or two about personal budgets, loans, credit cards, consumer protection and finances. She often writes on these topics as well and enjoys sharing her information with others.


Through the years, Alia has owned her own businesses, as well as worked directly with many business owners from hundreds of industries and backgrounds. She is thankful for the opportunity to work with all different types of business structures and specializes in resolving debts and restructuring businesses to allow for optimal liability protection and tax savings.


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