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AC Gaddis

As a writing tutor since 2007, AC Gaddis has experience in explaining complex subjects simply. She is excited to help others learn how to enjoy their lives through providing information about gardening, crafting and jewelry.

Etsy Shop Owner

AC has a background in jewelry design and began operating her own Etsy shop, Spiritual World Designs in 2010. She sold jewelry and costume accessories among other items.

Avid Crafter

AC loves to create things whether it's original writing or creating unique craft items. Just looking at a Mason jar gives her so many ideas about what she can turn it into!

Gardening and House Plants

AC really likes working with plants whether they are indoors or outside. Boston ferns are one of her favorites, and she loves to share care tips for them.

More About AC Gaddis

AC Gaddis holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Stephen F. Austin State University and had her creative writing published in their literary magazine. You can learn more about her by connecting with her on LinkedIn

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