Melanie Berkowitz


Melanie Berkowitz is a lawyer and freelance writer with nearly two decades of experience writing and lawyering as well as educating others about writing and lawyering. She also lectures lawyers and business people on how to improve their communication skills as a way to improve their business relationships. In her spare time, she hones her other expertise as a gluten-free cook and baker, and a small-business owner.


Business,Cooking and Baking


  • Lawyer

Detailed Experience

Attorney at Law

Melanie has practiced, written, and taught others about the law in a variety of settings over the years. She litigated labor and employment cases for an international law firm and then spent four years clerking for two federal judges. She spent six years at a national law firm working in conjunction with the partnership and the firm's marketing department to create timely educational and legal content.

Melanie has published articles for the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education and the Illinois Public Employee Labor Relations Association.

Small Business Owner

Melanie knows small business from the inside out, both as a prolific researcher and writer on the topic and as a small business owner herself. She regularly follows and reports on legislation and news relevant to small businesses.

Gluten-Free Cook

With the diagnosis of celiac disease in her two oldest girls eight years ago, Melanie transformed from an avid cook and baker into an avid gluten-free cook and baker. She has developed numerous gluten-free recipes to feed her family and share with others, including a number of traditional holiday favorites like pumpkin pie, sugar cookies, matzo balls, and challah bread to name a few.

Informal Gluten-Free Ambassador

Melanie has also become an informal ambassador to the world of gluten-free living in her town, regularly counseling newly diagnosed families, taking them on tours of the local supermarkets, sharing recipes, and cooking for them.

Connect With Melanie Berkowitz

If you're interested in talking to Melanie about her writing services, you can contact her through her LinkedIn profile.