Dustin Reichard

Dustin Reichard

Dustin Reichard is an attorney and freelance writer with numerous years of varied and successful experience. He has practiced law over the past 12 years in government, corporate, and traditional law firm settings. He has provided quality writing services for the past five years, specializing in legal, business, marketing, fashion, travel, and child care pieces. Dustin currently operates his own business and is also a stay-at-home dad for his two year old son.


Dustin is a licensed attorney in both Washington State and Illinois. He has served as a JAG attorney with the United States Navy, practiced as an associate with a Seattle-based firm, and has worked with transactional issues in a corporate setting. To date, Dustin has gained tremendous experience and exposure to multiple areas of the law. These include: divorce matters, contract negotiation, business affairs, criminal defense issues, and a vast array of general litigation matters. Dustin earned his J.D. degree from the University of DePaul's College of Law.


As an attorney, Dustin currently advises multiple clients on business and transactional matters. He is currently the general counsel for a Washington-based corporation, a Washington-based non-profit organization, and an Illinois-based entertainment company. He is also the "go to guy" for several small businesses that deal with public relations, women's fashion, and home improvement. Dustin also assists businesses in exceeding their marketing, web content, and general writing needs.

Children and Family

In addition to owning a business and providing legal and freelance writing services, Dustin is also a stay-at-home dad for his two year old son. He has written several pieces on the topics of child recipes, activities, and general tips for other stay-at-home dads. Given his stay-at-home dad title, Dustin is highly experienced in trucks, arts, crafts, cooking, and general child rearing issues.

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