Michele Perez

Michele Perez

Michele Perez is currently a freelance writer and editor with about 17 years of experience. Most recently she's provided SEO improvements and copyediting for a refined experiences blog, press releases and SEO advice for a New York City art gallery, and writing, copyediting, translation and branding consultation for hotel websites (in particular Hotel Villa Varadero and their hotel blog). Having worked in publishing, education, marketing, web design and development, she is now a mother of two small children. Michele has specialities in a variety of areas, mostly focusing on children, travel, education, and design management. Originally from the New York City area, she has travels as much as she can to as many places as possible.


Michele is very busy between mom responsibilities and freelance work, with a preschooler and toddler at home. Nearly five years ago, she started a "mommy blog" that originally was a place to keep track of the children's milestones and cute stories, as well as provide a little advice for other new moms. It's not kept up as frequently after her second child, but there are still fairly regular posts. Michele also advises new moms on a regular basis about baby sleep schedules, nursing, and (most fun) traveling with kids. Michele has also written two yet-unpublished children's books.

Travel, Food and Wine

Before she was married, Michele traveled throughout the US and a few countries in Europe, as well as lived in England for about two years. Once married, she and her husband traveled to Mexico frequently to visit her new in-laws, as well as Europe and a Korea. After the children were born, they continued to travel to Mexico and within the US. During these trips, the focus has always been on friends, food and local culture, very often sampling the wine or other drinks of the area. After a trip to California and a meeting with a friend of a friend, Michele met with a wine researcher and has learned a great deal about viticulture.


Although not a teacher by trade, Michele has a knack for training/educating and developing training materials. Interestingly, she's worked at McGraw-Hill (when they still had their higher-education publishing division), and Scholastic. She also worked for years in new media development and collaborated with editors, marketing and teachers/professors. Additionally, after working on a number of web projects that required Section 508 compliance, Michele became a bit of an expert implementing web-based code and captioning for online videos, so much so, that she helped train her departments at both McGraw-Hill and Organic (an Interactive Marketing agency).


Michele has a variety of experiences in higher education including: college admissions, course curriculum, mobile and distance learning, as well as developing supplemental online activities that work in conjunction with textbook-based courses. For three years she oversaw and worked with a department of writers and editors who provided key information and milestones for high school juniors, seniors, as well as college freshmen. The purpose was to guide students into making the best choice for college, and then to give advice to help keep them enrolled through, what can be, an often difficult first year. Additionally, while at McGraw-Hill, Michele worked with editors and professors, or book authors, to develop course- or discipline-appropriate online materials for a variety of college-level degree areas.

Green Living

Michele has had a keen interest in environmental issues for as long as she can remember. As a child and teenager, she would participate in sorting and recycling efforts, local clean ups along rivers and in groups that educated other students and community groups about choices they could make to improve their environment.The graduate school at Pratt Institute provided another avenue to pursue this interest by working on research and presentations for sustainable business practices. After graduation, Michele consulted with a variety of alumni on new business ventures that were focused on "green" product development, lifecycle, marketing, and strategy. Michele always prefers any green advice to be practical and direct, and favors small steps over sweeping changes.

Branding, Interactive Marketing, and Business

Having worked at two interactive marketing agencies as well as having earned her Master's degree in Design Management, Michele is well-versed in branding, marketing, and business strategy. She's consulted on a number of small business start ups that focused on design and sustainability, as well as launched a joint company with her husband, VivaDM. They currently have their own Etsy shop called VivaDM.


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