Joshua J Gillem

Joshua J Gillem

Joshua Gillem has been a freelance writer for over five years. He first discovered his love for language at a young age as his grandmother drilled complex words and definitions into his brain. As he and his vocabulary grew, so did his love for the English language. However, it wasn’t until he was enrolled in college that he realized he could make a career out of it. His first paying gig was as a car columnist for a local publication. Since then, some of the biggest names across many industries have hired Joshua, including GMC, Home Depot, Patch, Val-Pak, Angie’s List, ETE Reman, and several automotive dealerships located across the country. Currently, Joshua’s latest project is as the primary contributor for restomods, a blog devoted to modified hot rods. He writes about Cars and Camping for LoveToKnow.


Joshua's fascination with cars began at a young age when he saw a 1969 RS/SS Camaro on the cover of one of his dad’s car magazines. It was at that point when he knew he wanted to work with cars. He spent the better part of a decade as a trained automotive and diesel mechanic, where he was able to perform diagnostics, mechanical and electrical repairs. Joshua has worked in many settings, to include dealerships and small time service shops. He is also in the process of restoring his ’67 pickup truck.


Joshua is a former Marine, and as such, he has a genuine love for the outdoors. Joshua has spent so many days and nights sleeping, hiking and living in the outdoors, that it has been made a way of life for him. He authors a survival blog, and is very knowledgeable about land navigation, proper foot positioning for hiking, night hiking, setting up camp, building fires, purifying water, making shelters, bedding and the list goes on. Joshua has been a professional outdoorsman for most of his adult life.

Other Interests

Joshua has been a musician for 26 years. He plays a plethora of different instruments and has been classically trained on the piano and guitar. He also took saxophone lessons for about a year until he decided to join the Marines. He is also the bassist in a band which performs live several times per month.

Joshua is also the primary caregiver of his children during the day. He has been a work-at-home dad for the past several years, but works mainly during the evening hours after his wife comes home from work. After the Mrs. gets home, Joshua goes to work in his home office, or to another locale, to bring in his share of the salary.

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