Lorri Brown

Lorri Brown

Lorri Brown is a published freelance writer based in Maine who writes on a wide array of topics, including food and entertaining trends. Lorri was the Restaurant Expert at the former About.com and has been consulted by numerous organizations, including the California Restaurant Association. Building on her expertise as a former caterer and restaurant owner, Lorri has written numerous articles about entertaining and cooking. 

Cooking Expertise

Lorri was not a born chef. In fact, during her early restaurant days she worked the front of the house, organizing events and managing staff. However, always eager to learn something new, Lorri soon found herself in the restaurant kitchen learning how to sauté and make fancy sounding dishes like béarnaise sauce (French for butter and flour) and coq au vin (French for chicken with wine).

Evolution of Cooking Style

Over time, Lorri developed her own unique cooking style, blending the decadent dishes found on many restaurant menus with traditional home cooking. She also learned to adapt heavier restaurant cooking into healthier options for herself and her four children.

Propenent of Home Cooking

Lorri doesn't think that cooking should be daunting or complicated. She hopes to strip away the mystery of professional cooking, demonstrating that tasty, healthy and affordable meals are easier than takeout. 

Catering Experience

Thanks to many years of catering both big and small events, Lorri knows how to throw a party. She routinely hosts gatherings in her 1902 Farmhouse, from holiday fetes to summertime porch potlucks. She has expertise in budget-friendly menus that go beyond the standard cheese and cracker platter.

Catering Consultant

Lorri has written many articles about organizing and planning parties of all sizes. She offers advice on everything from table settings and decorations to knowing how much wine and beer to buy for a crowd. Lorri is a regular catering consultant for several area organizations in Western Maine and has helped coordinate many local charity dinners and fundraisers.

More About Lorri Brown

If you'd like to learn more about Lorri Brown, visit her page on Twitter.

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