Tori Morrison


Tori Morrison is an experienced social service professional and freelance writer. Her professional experience includes working as a family support specialist, behavioral health case manager, and independent living life coach. Tori enjoys using her personal and professional experiences, as well as online research, to create informative articles on a variety of topics. She holds a B.S. in Human Services and an M.S. in Psychology.


  • Admissions Associate
  • Behavioral Health Case Manager
  • Family Support Specialist

Detailed Experience

College Admissions Associate

Tori has worked as an admissions associate, office assistant to a college dean, and has experience helping prospective students successfully get accepted into college. She has personal experience with both traditional and online classes, as well as knowledge about financial aid, housing, and tips for being a successful college student. With several years of post-secondary experience as both a student and a professional, Tori has extensive knowledge to help students from all walks of life.

Work With Children

Tori's first job was working at a day camp with children and she has since worked with kids in a variety of settings. After working at day camps for five years, Tori took on roles as a youth supervisor, coach, case manager, and nanny, all of which challenged her to develop creative activities that kids would enjoy. During her Master's degree program, Tori focused specifically on kids so that she could better understand their physical, emotional, and mental developmental milestones.

More About Tori Morrison

Tori enjoys being an advocate for people who don't feel as if they have a voice. She finds that spending time outdoors, exercising, and writing in journals are some of her favorite things to do. To learn more about Tori and her passions, please visit her at Chase the Write Dream.