Sydney Parker

Sydney Parker

Sydney Parker is a freelance writer based in Seattle. She has a B.A. and B.F.A, in Journalism and Dramatic Writing from New York University. Her writing has appeared in publications including:

  • The Atlantic
  • The Guardian
  • The Hairpin
  • Splitsider
  • Racked
  • Daily Finance

Sydney's background working in book publishing and non-profit advocacy has greatly informed her expertise in social justice, childhood development, literature, health and unusual communities.

Children and Non-Profit Organizations

Sydney's experience working at a non-profit for children with terminal illness, a non-profit for children who stutter and as a Behavior Interventionist for children with autism exposed her to a number of amazing families and social advocates. She is very familiar with all the logistics involved in the non-profit sector from fundraising to programming and from grant-writing to preparing for an audit. Her experience both professionally working with kids with autism and journalistically interviewing self-described autistic adults, has given her a unique perspective on autism.

Sydney is currently the Managing Editor at Seattle's Child.


Sydney is an LGBTQ ally and has written for Buzzfeed on LGBTQ veterans and transgender parents. She fundraised for the Human Rights Campaign and celebrates difference.

Niche Communities

Whether researching the history of pigeon fanciers for The Guardian or interviewing furries for Racked, Sydney loves getting to know communities with unusual interests.


Sydney interned at Saturday Night Live for two years in college. She has written for Vulture/Splitsider and stays plugged in to the comedy world. She also uses her talents to write social media posts that entertain people even as they inform them about a variety of topics.

Women's Health and Weird Science

Sydney has written about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome for The Atlantic and has completed coursework in Medical Terminology, Psychology and Biology. She always has an eye out for new and strange developments in science.

More About Sydney Parker

You can learn more about Sydney and keep up with her latest ventures by visiting her at LinkedIn, Twitter, and Carnival of Souls.

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