John Casaretto


John Casaretto is a longtime freelance writer. He is well-versed in all types of technology, with a background as a top-level enterprise consultant in a number of industries. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of the technology industry, privacy, and security topics. In 2015, John founded the encryption security company, BlackCert, which is a provider of SSL digital certificates and upcoming encryption products.


Encryption Security Expert,Enterprise Consultant,Technology Expert

Technology Expert

Raised in Silicon Valley, John started his technology career at IBM. From there, he found the world of consultancy and the opportunity to work with fast-paced technology demands with an emphasis on service. His leadership was quickly recognized, and it wasn't long before he was called on to manage, outline, and direct technology projects and the teams that delivered them.

In 2006, John delivered on a global project where he wrote technical aptitude tests for employers to screen prospective employees. It was then that he caught the wave of emerging cloud and mobile technologies and began to cover this quickly advancing field.

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More information about John's journalistic endeavors can also find him on LinkedIn.