Kathy Adams


Kathy Adams is a writer and editor with more than 20 years of professional experience, winning several awards from the Associated Press for investigative journalism. She also ghostwrites content for authors and A-list music artists' websites and book projects. Kathy enjoys inspiring the best in others, whether it's through writing about creative, healthy,en and useful projects or about ways to find happiness through creative outlets such as music and writing.


Music Professional,Ghostwriter,Crafter

Certifications and Awards

  • Associated Press for investigative Journalism Awards

Music Professional

Music is one of Kathy's passions. She graduated from playing in cover bands to managing well-known artists and helping them with their own independent music ventures. Kathy has managed record labels and toured the world, handling production, merchandise, and band management in small clubs on through arenas. She is also well-versed in intellectual property protection.

Passion for Crafts

Creative re-purposing (reusing old materials in sustainable new ways) is another joy of Kathy's. She especially enjoys writing about the art form so others can incorporate the practice into their own lives in exciting ways. Beyond that, Kathy loves to draw.

More About Kathy

Kathy recognizes the importance that attitude is everything and believes what we put out into the world magnifies and comes back to us. This is why she chooses to write largely about topics that are helpful, inspiring, or that bring joy to others. She has written thousands of articles for content providers and print publications. She is well-versed in writing about varied topics, breaking them down into readable, understandable concepts. If you'd like to contact her, you can connect via LinkedIn.