Rain Blanken

Rain Blanken

Rain Blanken is a freelance craft, travel and style writer. Her writing and editing credits include her tenure as the host of DIY Fashion at About.com, Barnes & Noble, and her book, The Complete Guide to Customizing Your Clothes. Rain's projects and advice have been featured on FoxNews.com, The Huffington Post and The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. Through refashioning clothing, jewelry and furniture, creating cosplay costumes and building complex paper mache sculptures, Rain's life is driven by chapters of creation.

Crafts and Fine Art Talents

Rain lovingly created a paper mache frame for her Fine Art degree before she even graduated. She lives to figure out how to turn nothing into something fabulous, ever-searching for that 'ta-da' moment that breathes a second life into the derelict. She is an avid picker, hunting for buried treasure at thrift stores, estate sales and, hey, even curbside 'trash.' With a little love and vision, one man’s trash is this lady's next treasure. Her preferred fine art medium is paper, and she specializes in origami and paper mache.

Clothing and Jewelry Designer

For Rain, one of her biggest pleasures is saying, "This? Oh, I made it!" Rain was the seven-year host of About.com’s DIY Fashion platform. She created the DIY Fashion site from scratch in 2008, bringing innovative style, customization, and costume design to over 1.5 million readers per month.

Rain is the author of The Complete Guide to Customizing Your Clothes (Running Press, 2012), offering step-by-step photo instructions to teach readers how to design their own style from clothing they already own. Through unique processes such as discharging, cutting, sewing, adding studs and working with unique tools and materials, Rain shows the proper way to redesign clothing without any 'Pinterest Fail' results.

More About Rain Blanken

These days, Rain is the content editor at WDW Magazine, but she still enjoys freelancing. You can connect with her via her profile on LinkedIn.

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