Garry Spear

Garry Spear

Garry R. Spear is a well-known national legal and business writer with expertise across the spectrum in those industries. Garry has a Juris Doctorate degree from Florida State University and has practiced law and worked as a top executive in a wide range of businesses over the last 20 years, including health care, real estate, government and the hospitality industry.

Business & Money

As a writer, Garry has written on many important legal issues, providing case summaries, law reviews briefs and first-rate analysis of emerging legal issues. Garry is an expert in EB-5 and other foreign national business investment and has written extensively on those matters in many publications.

Garry is the 'go-to' source for many businesses for up-to-date legal and regulatory news. He has written on real estate legal subjects for REMAX and other top real estate businesses. Garry is a seasoned business law counselor to national restaurant chains, including The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company. He has advised those businesses on franchising requirements, labor business models, and a wide range of contractual issues.

Freelance Writing

Garry also writes regularly for national fitness guru, Laura London, on subjects such as fitness and nutrition. Garry practices what he preaches and maintains a healthy, active lifestyle. He has also authored and ghost-authored many e-books and articles, including How to Effectively Use Comedy to Market Your Products. Garry is a regular contributor to many national comedy websites and was a featured humor columnist for Perpilicious online magazine.

More About Garry

Garry is happily married to his beautiful, successful wife, Sally, and has three lovely and accomplished daughters. The family is owned by a pair of Golden Retrievers who dominate the household and demand constant food and affection, which is gladly given by everyone in the family. Garry is happy to work with Love to Know to provide topical and informative articles to its enlightened readers.

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