Samantha Shelley

Samantha Shelley

Samantha Shelley is a freelance writer from England and is currently a resident alien of the United States. She recently quit her copywriting job at a state university to focus on writing full-time, and she pretentiously believes she is on a "creative journey." She is a full-blown millennial stereotype, and hopes that you'll follow her on Instagram, which she uses to document her travels and enthusiasm for Planet Earth. When she's not writing professionally, Samantha likes to write satire (and other things) on her blog, The Samspo. She is also a vegan, a healthy living maniac, and the proud owner of Clickbait the cat who is, according to her and his numerous online fans, "A perfect 10."

Nutrition and Healthy Living

Samantha spends a lot of her free time worrying that she hasn't eaten enough fruit and vegetables that day as well as reading books about nutrition. Though she understands that not everyone wants to eat a vegan diet (and is far more familiar than she'd like to be with various DIET diets), she is a huge fan of plant-based eating for everyone, having read extensive evidence demonstrating its positive impact on human health. She is a firm believer in food as preventative (and supplemental medicinal) healthcare. Her husband attributes his own transition to veganism solely to her great cooking—a fact that she regularly reminds him of.

Samantha is also a fan of meditation, mindfulness, yoga (something she's not very good at, but does anyway because of her aforementioned obsession with healthy living), and walking as much as possible. She claims that her biggest battle in life is applying enough sunscreen to prevent damage to her pale British skin while lying by the pool, a pastime she swears she does purely for the Vitamin D.

Samantha's love language is Vitamin B-12.


Samantha is an avid reader of psychology books, and tries to stay up-to-date on the latest findings in neuroscience. Her own weirdly diverse life experiences have given her a broad understanding of how humans think and why they do what they do, and she hopes to use her knowledge to help others. Her family is rife with mental disorders such as eating disorders, anxiety, OCD, and depression. As a result, she has spent a lot of time learning about mental health and how to deal with it. She believes she "has it down" when it comes to controlling her own mental struggles, and tries her best to coach others to whatever degree is appropriate for a 20-something writer with no professional psychology qualifications.

Samantha has been labeled "INFP" on the Meyers-Briggs personality test, but considers said test to be "businessy pseudoscience," created purely for profit.


Along with her husband and best friend, Samantha runs a post-religion website for transitioning Mormons called Zelph on the Shelf, through which she has learned a lot about religion and people, as well as content creation and brand management. She considers herself a secular humanist and believes that community and compassion are the fundamentals of a happy homosapien life. Though he is technically a comedian, Samantha's favorite modern philosopher is Bo Burnham, whose show, Make Happy, changed her life. She also loves Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, and anyone else who believes that science matters and so do humans.

Social Media, Blogging, and Marketing

Samantha has been blogging since she was in high school, and has written for a number of websites, many of them focused on marketing. In college, she was a writing intern for, and a social media intern for Deseret Book. She has created several successful blogs averaging over 100,000 views per month, and is, to use her own words, "desperately trying to stay relevant until the day I die." She believes she owes her success to her wit and her complete willingness to look stupid if necessary. Follow her on Twitter for social commentary and questionable jokes.

Performing and Comedy

Throughout her life, Samantha has loved to perform. She was in musical theater throughout her youth, mainly because it was the outlet that allowed her to sing the most. She currently plays guitar and a little piano, which she is still learning. In her free time, Samantha makes YouTube videos, which are usually comedy, though she also makes vlogs with her husband to document their lives together. She is still trying to learn how to become really funny, but lives in hope that it'll happen soon if she keeps reading enough Clickhole articles.

Beauty and Fashion

Samantha has watched an embarrassing number of YouTube beauty gurus in her time, and owes almost everything she knows about makeup, hair, and style to them. Though she often takes a lazy approach to beauty, she loves reading about different products, and pays a lot of attention to ingredients and their effect on the body. (She is also deep into Sephora's loyalty program, but that's not a subject fit for public discussion.) Samantha claims she has been, "on the edge of starting a fashion blog for the last five years," but is holding off indefinitely to avoid spending obscene amounts of money on clothes, and because she made fun of fashion bloggers for so long.

Samantha would love to review your fashion or beauty products, thank you for asking!

Cats, Cats, Cats

Not a day goes by where Samantha isn't frantically researching some aspect of life as a cat. She recently transitioned Perfect-10 Clickbait over to a raw food diet, which she now believes to be the healthiest diet for our feline friends. She is also currently in the process of training him to walk on a leash. So far he has shown intense stubbornness toward walking in the direction she would like him to walk in, but she believes that cats, like humans, need to be believed in to reach their fullest potential. Samantha's passion for psychology does not end with humans, as she is constantly trying to figure out what makes Clickbait tick.

Love of Learning

Samantha believes that her greatest strength as a writer and a blob of carbon hurtling through the universe at crazy speeds is her ability to research and learn new things. She takes an intense interest in many aspects of human existence, and will never hesitate to look something up online mid-conversation, much to the detriment of that whole mindfulness thing she cares about. She loves science, and is adept at understanding scientific research, which she reads regularly. Samantha loves evidence and hates fallacies, so, naturally, all of her Facebook friends hate her. (Not really, but she does avoid posting controversial political opinions in order to maintain her relationships.)

Samantha is also thoroughly uninterested in joining your MLM although she would love to write a satirical article about it.






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