Samantha Shelley


Samantha Shelley is a freelance writer from England and is currently a resident alien of the United States. She quit her copywriting job at a state university to focus on writing full time, and she pretentiously believes she is on a "creative journey." She is a full-blown millennial stereotype, and hopes that you'll follow her on Instagram, which she uses to document her travels and enthusiasm for Planet Earth. She is also a vegan and a healthy living maniac.


Practicing vegan,Nutrition and healthy living expert,Social media expert


  • Pluralsight: Copywriter


  • Beauchamps Sixth Form

Nutrition and Healthy Living

Samantha spends a lot of her free time worrying that she hasn't eaten enough fruit and vegetables that day as well as reading books about nutrition. Though she understands that not everyone wants to eat a vegan diet (and is far more familiar than she'd like to be with various DIET diets), she is a huge fan of plant-based eating for everyone, having read extensive evidence demonstrating its positive impact on human health. She is a firm believer in food as preventative (and supplemental medicinal) healthcare.

Social Media and Blogging

Samantha has created several successful blogs averaging over 100,000 views per month, and is, to use her own words, "desperately trying to stay relevant until the day I die." She believes she owes her success to her wit and her complete willingness to look stupid if necessary. Follow her on Twitter for social commentary and questionable jokes.

Connect with Samantha Shelley

Samantha continues to freelance. You can reach her through her profile at LinkedIn.