Adrian Navarrete


Adrian Navarrete has successfully attained a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Engineering Technology and a Master's in Project Management. He previously worked for as a tech/gadgets examiner, where he wrote and published over 100 articles on that topic. He has the educational background and freelance writing experience to cover and provide expert knowledge on a variety of technology-related topics.




  • Tech and Gadgets Examiner Writer
  • Freelance Writer


  • DeVry University: B.S. Computer Engineering Technology
  • Keller Graduate School of Management: M.S. Project Management

Tech Gadgets Reviewer

Adrian has had the opportunity to test and review countless of tech products that are popular in today's society, and ones that are new and are just emerging into the market. He has tested and reviewed many tech products such as bluetooth speakers and headphones, bluetooth keyboards, desktop USB chargers, power bank chargers, sports action cameras.

Being able to be one of the first to experience and utilize a product that can one day be popular or revolutionize the tech world is exciting and interesting for him. He has worked and collaborated with over 30 different tech companies in providing first-hand experience and knowledge of certain tech devices and gadgets.

Cell Phones Expertise

Adrian possesses an extensive knowledge of cell phones including hardware and software. Thanks to his educational background, Adrian has worked with various kinds of hardware components that are incorporated into cell phones. Plus, he has worked with different kinds of programming and software tools and kits along with gaining the skills to develop user interfaces. Possessing this kind of knowledge allows Adrian to convey and provide expert knowledge of cell phones from both sides of the spectrum easily and effectively.


Being the tech savvy person he is and having programming/software experience, Adrian understands the internet from a more technical standpoint. That means he is able to provide valuable and helpful tips and tricks that can help make your online experience smooth and seamless. For example, he can explain how to improve your web searches, enable or disable certain web browser features or add-ons to improve speed, troubleshoot problems, and utilize certain features or apps (such as cloud services and streaming services). Adrian's overall goal is to provide the best possible user experience for his readers.

Information & Business Inquires

For more information and/or business inquires, you can contact Adrian through his profile on LinkedIn.