Rachael Clifford

Rachael Clifford

Rachael Clifford is a writer with more than 20 years of experience writing reviews, articles, and interviews for various formats, including print and online advertising, publishing catalogues, and music news websites. Rachael has a Bachelor of Arts in Literature, Writing, and the Arts from New School University in New York City, where she focused on playwriting, screenwriting, and fiction. She has experience with social media platforms, keeping up with new technology and trends, and she can easily explain how they work to others.

Music, Movies, and Television

Rachael has been an avid fan of all three her whole life. She is one of those people who, while happy to listen to old favorites, loves seeking and finding new music, as well as interviewing bands and reviewing albums.

  • Music: As a content manager and senior writer for Shoutmouth.com, Rachael interviewed many bands in person and via telephone, often asking questions that let artists feel comfortable enough to open up and share personal stories and information not typically covered in promotional new album release interviews. She has also been the singer in two bands and performed in various states, recorded CDs, and self-released and managed the bands.
  • Television: She enjoys writing recaps and speculating on what is coming next on television shows. She watches everything from The Simpsons to Game of Thrones and follows both on-screen and off-screen stories about the productions and the actors.
  • Movies: When it comes to movies, Rachael has diverse taste in everything from domestic and foreign horror movies to action and superhero films to comedies. One of her favorite directors of all time is Tim Burton – whose films she is an expert in – and has an extensive collection of collectibles from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Books and Literature

Rachael is an avid reader, and has been most of her life. She was able to read at the age of three and never stopped.

Having studied literature in college, her book collection ranges from classics to brand-new books. While much of it is fiction of all genres, she also has a large amount of philosophy, political, and comic books which she has read for over 20 years. A huge fan of the DC Vertigo lineup of books, she enjoys reading the books not only as the works of art they are, but for the subtext as well.

She has edited multiple novels, including Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout and The Meaning of Life.


A lifelong fan of action figures and statues, Rachael specializes in Funko Pop, DC super heroes and World Wrestling Entertainment figures, as well as interesting pieces related to Halloween and owls.

Tattoos and Piercings

A fan of body art, Rachael has been adding to her tattoos for over a decade and has many piercings. She is well versed in aftercare and lives by the 'you get what you pay for' rule. She also strongly advises people against attempting to pierce or tattoo themselves both for health and safety reasons and the odds of unsatisfactory results.

Makeup and Hair Dye

As a performer, Rachael is versed in both everyday looks and stage looks when it comes to makeup. A fan of everything from expensive exclusive makeup to drugstore brands, Rachael believes there’s no such thing as bad makeup and can do interesting looks with the least expensive makeup available.

She regularly dyes her own hair, often in non-traditional colors, using vegetable dyes such as Manic Panic, Raw, and Punky Colors, and can guide people on how to use these dyes safely and effectively (though bleaching should be done by professionals) for a unique looks and color combinations. Unnatural hair colors  (from brights to pastels) are very popular today, and there is minimal instruction on how to use them.

Entertainment Child Labor Law

Rachael worked for six years obtaining permits for children in the entertainment industry and advising production companies on the specific laws in each state. She consulted and answered questions for parents of the actors, as well, providing them with pre-filled permit applications, obtaining information, and helping to explain how education is provided on television and movie sets, as well as national tours and Broadway plays.

She has worked on national tours including Billy Elliot, Beauty and the Beast, Les Miserables, and A Christmas Story; television shows including The Walking Dead, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Homeland, and almost every Nickelodeon television show featuring minors.

She is happy to share this information with parents of actors and those considering launching their children’s careers, as many acting and modeling agencies do not explain these processes to parents, who only find out after their child is cast in a role.


Rachael has rescued many cats over the years, including her current cats, a 16-year-old tabby and a 1-year-old Maine Coon. In the past, she has taken care of a geriatric Himalayan as well as other tabbies and black cats. She has experience with grooming long-haired cats and the specific issues that are unique to Maine Coons and Himalayans.


Rachael’s hobbies include cooking, and she enjoys the challenge of replicating recipes from restaurants by tasting the ingredients. She also enjoys singing and writing lyrics and learning bass guitar.

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