Marisol Medina


Marisol Medina is a freelance comedy writer of close to ten years. She is a contributing author to the books Kids' Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny and Teen Girls' Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny. She has performed at comedy clubs and festivals as well as produced and directed numerous comedy shorts.


  • Comedy Performer


  • University of Washington: Bachelor of Dramatic Arts and Theatre Arts

Detailed Experience

Education Background

Marisol earned a Bachelor of Dramatic Arts and Theatre Arts from the University of Washington.

Parenting Experience

Marisol is a full-time mom to a young son. As an older new parent, she experienced Baby Boomer strict parenting, saw the outcome of Gen X helicopter parenting, and now gets to partake in the relaxed, empathetic Millennial approach. She practices bilingual child-rearing and is a strong advocate of the book No-Drama Discipline, nonviolent parenting, and using current child development knowledge to encourage confidence in children and sanity in parents. She also tries any parenting trend that promises results in three days.

Teaching Experience

Before becoming a mom, Marisol worked with children teaching English in summer camps in Spain, as a volunteer after-school tutor for low-income families, and as an in-school teacher’s assistant for writing assignments. She also wrote an educational play on recycling for the Seattle Unified school district and performed in children’s plays.

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