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Katyayini Kabir Kakar

Katyayini Kabir Kakar

Katyayini is an astute digital communications professional with extensive experience in social media management, digital and traditional marketing, public relations, blogging, copywriting and brand development.

Communications Specialist

Having worked with a plethora of organizations and clients across the globe, Katyayini specialises in analyzing and implementing cross-cultural trends in digital, social and mobile media. Amongst the early adopters of social media as a marketing tool, she has helped create and implement the digital media strategies of several brands. She is a certified inbound marketer and develops SEO friendly content to optimize company websites and their online presence.

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You can learn more about Katyayini and her work by visiting her beauty and lifestyle blog, Lil Mrs Wifey, and connecting with her on LinkedIn.

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Katyayini Kabir Kakar