Joy Borthwick

Joy Borthwick

Joy Borthwick is a freelance writer, published author and popular blogger. She is the author of Buried Treasure: Finding Enchantment Within. She has written online for Suite101 and has a blog on herbal medicine and a blog on Myths, Magic and Medicine on her website. She had a popular local herbal medicine column in the TV Times. Joy has specific expertise in herbal medicine, energy healing, metaphysics, hypnotherapy, crystals, knitting, crocheting and Hypnodiksha.

Herbal Medicine

Joy became a Chartered Herbalist in 2002 through Dominion Herbal College. She went on to a second level and became a Herbal Consultant in 2005. Since then she has assisted many clients, including her doctor, to use herbs for specific health issues.

Recently Joy assisted her doctor in lowering his cholesterol levels to normal. She had been diagnosed with high blood sugar but reduced it to normal using herbal remedies. Joy believes that allopathic and alternative medicines can be used together to manage health concerns.

Energy Healing

Joy attended the first west coast class in Spiritual Healing sanctioned by the National Federation of Spiritual Healing back in the early 1990's. Since then she has also taken level 1 and level 2 Reiki. She currently works with clients to shift their energy and remove blocked energy and pain.


Joy has been a Certified Hypnotherapist since 2007. She also certified and specializes as a Pain Relief Educator. Joy has assisted numerous clients with multiple sclerosis, anxiety, pain and more. She created a therapy which assists clients to remove unwanted issues in their lives. She is the creator of a number of successful group hypnosis sessions. Most popular being accessing the Akashic records. She also created Hypnodiksha with a diksha giver.


Prior to 2006 Joy had no experience with crystals. When she went to work at a metaphysical book store, she discovered that she can sense the energy in Crystals. She has spent over 10 years working and healing with crystals. She has assisted hundreds of people in their crystal choices. She is adept at looking at crystals and knowing what they are. Her current collection of crystals is threatening to take over her home.


Although she has been psychic her entire life, Joy became a professional psychic in 2006. She has done numerous tarot and intuitive readings both in person and by phone. She can see spirits but does not consider herself a medium because she didn't train for that specifically. Joy has taught classes in intuition and tarot. Joy has also done tea leaf readings, clearing ceremonies and is currently investigating the connection between metaphysics and quantum physics.


Joy was an avid needle pointer, perfumer and petite pointer until she realized that she had to let some things go. She currently focuses on knitting, crocheting and Tunisian crochet. She has had a craft business since 2010 and has been so busy with orders that she hasn't taken it online yet.

Other Interests and Hobbies

Joy is currently writing classes in meditation and self-hypnosis. She is nearing completion on a book about healing foods. In her spare time, when she is not being a slave to her cat, she is a movie buff and reads extensively. Joy enjoys cooking and is currently trying out raw food and Irish cooking recipes. Her favourite nationalities for cooking are Indian and Cajun.


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