Barbara D. Lezcano

Barbara D. Lezcano

Barbara Lezcano is a freelance writer and poet. A lifelong writer, she has crafted pieces for a variety of organizations, and works in communication and marketing. Barbara has specific expertise in business and money topics.

Business and Money Expertise

Barbara is entrepreneur with over 20 years of corporate business experience. Having earned a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Economics from Florida State University, she began her professional career in the public sector, working with the State of Florida. Her responsibilities ranged from forecasting the State’s then $13B Medicaid program to addressing statewide wage and compensation issues, in addition to briefing the Governor on a healthcare plan redesign.

After moving into the private sector over a decade ago, she has worked with major firms such as Raymond James, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. She has experience in the niche market of low-income housing tax credits and in the wealth management space with business owners and non-profits.

Cooking Sauce Entrepreneur

Barbara founded Sweet Babs, a line of all-natural sauces based on her Cuban family's classic recipes, to combine her passion for food with her desire to nurture others. By using timeless flavors, wholesome ingredients, and an attention to quality, Sweet Babs sauces bring love to the table. The company seeks to disrupt the sauce industry by providing healthy alternatives to enhance any meal.

Sweet Babs has been awarded multiple grants from Prospera USA (formerly the Hispanic Business Initiative Fund), been mentioned in Edible Orlando, and received praise from influencers on Facebook and Instagram. Distribution is spreading quickly throughout the Southeast, and products ship nationwide. Barbara is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners.

Connect with Barbara Lezcano

Whether you interested in Barbara's sauces or her writing, feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn.


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