Jennifer Xue


Jennifer Xue is a freelance writer based in California. She specializes in a variety of technology topics.


Technology Writer,Web Design Expert,Tutor,Author


  • University of California Berkeley: Technical Writing Certificate
  • California State University East Bay: Master of Science in Instructional Design

Certifications and Awards

  • Inbound Certified Credential: Credential from HubSpot Academy

Technology Expertise

Jennifer Xue is a technology writer with strong interests in blockchain technology, gadgets, big data, artificial intelligence, and web design. She has an MS in Instructional Design from California State University East Bay and a Technical Writing Certificate from the University of California Berkeley. She also holds an Inbound Certified credential from HubSpot Academy.

Teaching & Writing

Being a teacher at heart, Jennifer has taught more than 50 college-level essay and paper writing online tutorial classes for Western Governors University. She is the author of White Paper Writing for Business published by BookBoon. Overall, she has published more than 2,000 articles and 100 reports worldwide.

More About Jennifer Xue

Jennifer's virtual home is, but you can also contact her about writing opportunities at LinkedIn.