Dr. Turnera Croom

Dr. Turnera Croom

Dr. Turnera Croom’s entrepreneurial drive led her to create her first company, Steadfast International LLC, while still employed full-time as a veterinarian with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

In addition to Steadfast International LLC, doing business as Vets In 3D (3D-printing), she created Dr. Croom Mobile Veterinary Service, which allows her to provide professional, holistic veterinary care in the comfort of her client’s homes. She provides wellness exams and holistic healing as well as a sensitive bereavement service called Last Wishes. This service is for those families with pets who need assistance crossing the Rainbow bridge in the comfort of their own home. Her mobile vet service also proudly offers both veteran and senior discounts. 

With all the emphasis today on holistic living and health, our furry family members should be no exception. Dr. Croom Army Vet is Dr. Croom’s own brand of CBD pet products and her patients have found great success using them to reduce stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation. As CEO of Steadfast International, Dr. Croom has formed relationships and partnerships with both privately held and publicly traded companies. Her products are sold in several Michigan cannabis/hemp provisioning centers and pet supply stores, as well as on her website.

Steadfast International has been committed from the start to provide not only excellent veterinary care, but also education for youth about considering a career in veterinary medicine. Dr. Croom began her unique Future Veterinarian Program in 2016. The program allows young students with an interest in animals and pet care to meet her in local pet supply stores to learn one-on-one what it takes to excel in this field from a veterinarian.

Her commitment to educating youth also led her to create the Ride-Along program. High school students can join her on actual house call veterinary appointments and see firsthand what it’s like to work with patients and their owners who often need a calming presence to help them deal with their pets’ health concerns.

Dr. Croom’s passion and drive make her a force of nature. She believes in inspiring youth with her educational live animal programming and making her mobile veterinary service inclusive of seniors and veterans. She also is active with several organizations including Buddy 2 Buddy Veteran volunteer program, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), and she is a member of the Kalamazoo County Animal Services and Enforcement Advisory board.

Dr. Croom’s mission is to spread her passion for veterinary medicine and entrepreneurialism to her clients and animal-loving young people, while pursuing her long-term goals of providing keynote speeches on holistic pet health and humble leadership.





Website: https://DrCroom.com

Her company Steadfast International, LLC is certified as a Service-disabled, Veteran-owned Business (SDVOB)

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