Janet Serra

Janet Serra is a freelance journalist and photographer with more than twenty-five years of experience in writing about travel destinations for an assortment of online blogs, newspapers and magazines. She has extensive travel destination marketing experience and has promoted destinations on a national and international level. Janet has written articles on many topics including the arts, food, travel, cats and cat health, recreation and destination marketing and public relations.


Janet has been the Executive Director of one of Connecticut’s largest tourism districts for more than 30 years and is a member of the American Society of Travel Writers and the North American Travel Journalists Association.

Throughout her career, Janet has worked as the writer and photographer for two destination marketing websites and has created content and images for an award-winning 180-page brochure, newsletter and direct mail pieces. Janet actively maintains several popular Facebook pages and has a regular travel column that appears in 14 newspapers in the New York metro area. She has also attended many national and international trade shows promoting destinations to the general public, tour operators, travel agents, writers and bloggers.

Janet is an avid traveler and photographer. Her main interests are cultural and historic travel. She has visited nearly every island in the Caribbean and has traveled extensively in Southeast Asia and the subcontinent of India.


Janet is the owner of five felines, two Tonkinese and three Himalayans and is an award-winning blogger for chewy.com. Her blog details information on cat health and cat behavior. She regularly reviews a variety of cat products that range from cat food to cat toys.

Other Interests

Janet also enjoys blogging about food, places off the beaten track and finding the unexpected.


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