Ashley Donohoe

Ashley Donohoe

Ashley Donohoe is a freelance writer and independent consultant who specializes in technology. She holds a Bachelor of Science focused on computer science and business and a Master of Business Administration. She is currently pursuing a Master of Education degree with a focus on English. When she is not writing articles, she works as an editor, teaches writing online, takes on technology projects and offers advice on careers and college. She is also a published poet and short story writer.

Several of Ashley's interests are technical and include social networking, cell phones, computer security and web design. She is also interested in personal finance, small business management, higher education and career advising.

Social Networking: Being an active user of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace, Ashley knows how to use these tools for both personal communication and Internet marketing for small businesses. She enjoys helping others set up their profiles, customize layouts, find contacts and make their accounts secure.

Cell Phones: Ashley is a cell phone enthusiast who has owned and used phones from Apple, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. She has written technical support articles to educate users on getting started with their phones and to teach them how to customize their software and settings to fit their needs. She has also tested and reviewed apps for the iPhone.

Computer Security: As a part-time computer technician, Ashley has experience installing and configuring antivirus and firewall software to protect users from viruses, spyware, hackers and data loss. She has completed training from a leading information security organization and is knowledgeable in virus removal, Windows and Mac OS X operating system security, network intrusion detection, social engineering protection and data recovery procedures.

Web Design: Having taken classes in web development and e-Business, Ashley has been able to help small businesses create interactive websites that utilize search engine optimization principles and stand out to prospective customers. She has experience with video editing software, image editing software, XHTML, CSS, PHP, content management systems, MySQL databases, Java and web server administration.

Personal Finance: Ashley enjoys helping others reduce their expenses, create budgets, manage debt and invest in their futures. She has experience writing about reducing credit card debt, saving money for college, using online banking and finding discounts for online shopping.

Small Business Management: Owning a freelance writing and consulting business as a sole proprietor since 2010, Ashley has expertise in strategic planning, online marketing, financial management, risk management and professional networking. As an MBA graduate, she also has written e-Business, risk management, strategic planning and social responsibility plans for local businesses.

Higher Education and Career Advising: Ashley has written extensively for online education websites and especially enjoys writing about career paths in technology and business. Some of her work has involved mapping out education requirements, describing daily job duties for specific careers, suggesting continuing education and writing ad copy for schools throughout the nation. She also has experience as an online learning student and as an online English teacher.

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