Beth S, M.D.

Beth earned her M.D. in 2003 and plans a career in Public Health. One of her primary interests is in making medical information more accessible and understandable, and she is pleased to be writing for LoveToKnow. She'd like to remind readers that the internet can be a great resource-but every case is different, and there's no substitute for talking one-on-one with a medical professional.

As a medical resident, Beth saw and treated plenty of problems. In public health, she continues to enjoy helping answer people's questions about their health. She'd like to remind readers to check with a doctor, in person, about any skin problem to make sure that the diagnosis and treatment are correct.

Beth lives Pennsylvania, where she's just as likely to be lacing up hiking boots as putting on lipstick. She firmly believes, however, that playing with makeup is a woman's right--and one of the great joys of being female. Her particular weaknesses are expensive skin creams and wild shades of nail polish.

When she's not doing Public Health work or writing, Beth also runs a consultation service for fiction writers, helping them make sure medical scenes and stories ring true.

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Beth S, M.D.