Kathleen Esposito

Kathleen Esposito

Financial Writer

Kate Esposito has a degree in communications and journalism. She began her career as a financial copywriter catering to credit unions. She is published in dozens of financial publications, including Brass and the Credit Union Times.

Addictions Counselor

Certified as an addictions counselor, Kate helps individuals recover from drug, alcohol and gambling dependencies through group and individual therapy. She also coaches people who would like to quit smoking.

Drinks, Cakes, and More!

A kitchen wizard and mixologist, Kate is a certified bartender and co-founder of a vegan baking company. She enjoys decorating cakes using vegan ingredients and regularly attends seminars to keep up to date on the latest in organics and green living. She served as a volunteer coordinator with the Americorps VISTA program, interviewing potential candidates, placing them in appropriate positions and tracking their progress. She is also involved in fundraising for several nonprofits, including the American Lung Association.


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