Kathleen Roberts


Kathleen Roberts is a professional freelance writer and editor. She began contributing to LoveToKnow in 2007 and is the former Site Editor of their Camping, Diet, Dogs, Garden, Herbs, and Skiing channels.


Gardener,Herbs and Health Specialist,Organic Food Expert,Outdoor Enthusiast

Certifications and Awards

  • Master Gardener Certification: University of Florida
  • Reiki Master Teacher: Intensive training in Reiki healing

Garden Expertise

Kathleen has been gardening all of her life, and she received her Master Gardener certification through the University of Florida.

Herbs and Health Specialist

Kathleen has studied the use of herbs and supplements for over 20 years. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and holds several certifications in that field.

Organic Topics Writer

Kathleen has been a contributor at Hendrikus Organics for over five years.

Personal Hobbies

Kathleen is an avid camper who also enjoys skiing.