Sarita Harbour


Sarita Harbour is a professional freelance writer based in Southern Ontario. As a former financial adviser, she loves to write about personal finance and small business issues as well other topics which reflect her many experiences and interests.


Personal finance expertise,Small business expertise


  • Harbour Content Development Inc.: Owner/Personal Finance Writer|/Business Writer


  • University of Guelph: B.A. (Honors), Psychology

Personal Finance Expert

With over a decade of experience advising families on budgeting, frugal living, investment planning and credit issues, Sarita is passionate about sharing her financial knowledge with others.

Small Business Background

A background in small business banking and experience as an online entrepreneur allowed Sarita to start her writing career providing blog posts and articles to a wide variety of small business websites. She has written extensively on the issues facing start-ups, the challenges of strategic planning, and the necessity of providing relevant and sharable web content for small business websites.

More About Sarita Harbour

Whether you're interested in Sarita's financial advising services or her writing, you can learn more connecting to her on LinkedIn and visiting her at Harbour Content Development. You can also follow her on Twitter.