Katie Markey McLaughlin


Katie Markey McLaughlin holds a Master's degree in women's studies with a concentration in non-profit fundraising and administration. She is a freelance writer and journalist whose work has been featured in a variety of print and online publications. She has written articles on a wide array of topics and has specific experience and expertise in the college admissions process and financial aid.


College Admissions Expert,Financial Aid Expert,Health and Fitness Enthusiast

College Admissions Expert

Katie spent four years working in the field of college admissions. During that time she reviewed hundreds of college applications. She also personally counseled students and their families on the process of finding scholarships and applying for financial aid. Katie keeps abreast of the latest news in the college field by reading publications from trusted sources such as The Chronicle of Higher Education.

More About Katie Markey McLaughlin

Katie is passionate about her role as a mom and a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast. Her toddler keeps her very busy, and she chronicles her parenting adventures on her personal blog Pick Any Two. Additionally, Katie is dedicated to eating healthy, staying active, and writing about the latest research in nutrition and fitness. She is the author of the e-book Taking Action: 30 Specific Strategies for Overcoming Emotional Eating. To learn more, please visit her website.